Busy Week

Once again I keep putting off my posts so I then have a huge update to cover everything that's happened. :yuck: Best just get down to it.

I think my trips to Co. Carlow may be cursed. First this, then last Saturday when I was in Leighlin Bridge my car got rear-ended. :no: :eyes:

Both cars were barely moving, so it was just a tap, but bad enough to break my tail-light and mark the bumper. The lady who hit me was very nice though. She admitted straight away that her foot slipped and then brought me to her mechanic so he could have a look. I felt kinda bad for her, she was driving a big '06 Toyota that seemed to take the brunt of the impact.

We agreed not to get the insurance involved, the mechanic will repair the damage at her expense as well as looking after another dent I picked up. :up: Before you think I'm taking advantage, this will probably cost her less than if we went through insurance and she lost her no-claims bonus. Plus I think she'll be getting some kind of "friends and family" discount, they seemed to know each other really well.

My course is going well. We're doing databases, which I enjoy, and the tutor is showing me some of the advanced features of Access – like the switchboard and macros.

The writer's group met Tuesday. A very good meeting – good turnout, excellent pieces, just a very enjoyable evening.

To top it off, at the suggestion of one of our writers a few of us went to the monologue night in The Nore Bar. I got coaxed into doing a couple of my pieces – which got a good response. :eyes: 😮

Here's one I did. It's a poem I wrote for this last meeting. The subject was an Irish proverb that came off the back of a sugar packet. We all drew one out of the bowl at our previous meeting and this was the one I got.

Marbh le tae agus marbh gan é
Some people are never satisfied

Standing in the checkout queue,
An internal debate fills the waiting.

Will I get a lotto ticket?

It was won last week, the jackpot is only €1.3 million.
I won't bother. Sure, it's hardly worth it.


Finally, the weather

Hungryghost enough! Mercy!! Uncle!!! I give!!!!

Either take the rain back or let Noah know he might be needed again soon. It's poured down nearly every day since our exchange. Which I never officially agreed to in the first place.

Even the ducks are finding it a bit damp for their liking.

Just one dry day so I can at least hang out the laundry. :spock:


2 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. 1. Bummer2. Good3. How very insightful4. The sun is shining hereStay out of Carlow, some people go there and they never come back……..the same! :DOne day early- Happy Canada Day :drunk:

  2. 1 Not so bad. Got the car back this evening good as new. 2 Thanks3 Thanks again. I was very pleased with the reviews, including yours ;)4 Whaddaya know, it worked. Would if I could but I can't so I won't. :cheers: Aren't you good to remember. I have something planned for here…

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