Open for Business

You are all cordially invited to the Grand Opening of the The Church of the Walker's God.:hat:

I'd like to thank all those already in the congregation for participating and invite anyone who may be interested to join us.


3 thoughts on “Open for Business

  1. Ok there Mickey..Mike? I wanna call you Mike. Now, being an irreverand for the COTWG is great, however I implore you to take some time on your own blog now, and post something NEW really soon, or I will have to take some kind of drastic measure, like I dunno what. Even us who do a lot of walking still find time to post. 🙄

  2. Sister San,

    I wanna call you Mike.

    😆 Please do! I tend to go by Mike or Michael most often but I'll answer to:MickMickeyMikeyMícheál (Irish version, pronounced ME-haul)MickeyjoeAnd in the words of the immortal Spike Milligan …"Hey you!" or, on a bad day, "Stop thief!"

  3. the pressure…the pressure…the pressure!heh heh heh…have a nice cuppa first then blog. Pleae. You must have a sermon or something ready for termorra:D

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