The Weather has Broken

:yes: :hat:

After 3 (? feels longer) weeks of hot, muggy weather we finally got some rain this morning. It's about time. πŸ™„

The sunshine was lovely, but with the heat and humidity I didn't want to eat, or sleep, or work, or do much of anything.

Ireland is totally designed around a moderate climate. So if it gets too hot or too cold, it's just not designed to deal.

Now the only problem is gettting my laundry dry, I left the washing for the weekend :doh:

PS Raining again, and fairly heavily, judging by the dripping wet cat that has just arrived in my lap. :yuck:


16 thoughts on “The Weather has Broken

  1. Rain is forcasted all day to-morrow…Our cat loves to go out in the rain, just so she can come in moments later to be dried off. of course she refuses to believe that just because its wet out the back that it is also raining out the front, she insists that the door be opened to show her.:rolleyes:

  2. Originally posted by sprogger:

    just because its wet out the back that it is also raining out the front

    Our two are exactly the same. One cat hates the wet and thinks that I can make the rain stop if he complains enough.

  3. Amen Brother Sprogger, I'm a great believer in the theraputic value of stroking a cat, even though these days it's like having a furry hot-water bottle in your lap.

  4. Indeed, she sleeps on the end of the bed and in this weather I`ve felt the inclination to kick her out its so warm….for any one joining late this is the cat not the missus I`m talking about:D

  5. At the end of the day I would not change her. I think she is the only thing keeping me sane.

  6. The only time she come near the computer is when i`m trying to get some work don, then she sits on the key board or behind the monitor trying to catch my fingers as the go by. little:Devil:

  7. The Weather has Broken… also in the Blackforest. But I hope, summer will come back in a few days :wait:I think, it will be better for your cats also? πŸ˜†

  8. Lashin' down today. :yuck: You were right Brother Sprogger.Sister sternchen, my cats don't mind. In weather like this they just sleep all day. And the Big Fella will go out in any weather, he doesn't seem to mind getting soaked.

  9. A bit of a mixed bag here rian one min and blazing sun the next.Do helicopters count as weather, its race week here in galway and the skys are full of them.

  10. Yeah, after lunch it dried up and the afternoon was jsut like earlier in the week. Of course I was gone to town and no chance to do laundry :doh: A forecast for helicopters, hmmmmm. :confused: πŸ’‘ Pretentious with a good chance of posers. πŸ˜€

  11. I came home to hot, humid weather with no ocean breeze to cool me. I guess I'll have to use my imagination again (or a cold beer). πŸ™‚

  12. :yuck: No matter what we can't get weather to suit. I'm enjoying the cool temps, but trying to dry laundry in these driving showers is a pain in the hole.

  13. Dear god! I have never seen rain like we had here today, I could not see the other side of the garden from the window.

  14. Yesterday was worse in Kilkenny, there were times when it felt like someone had turned a firehose on the house. It was raining so hard, that our Sky (satellite) TV got knocked out a couple of times. :faint: Whether the rain was pounding the dish so much it got knocked out of alignment, or there was too much atmospheric interference I don't know.

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