I’m tired and my head hurts.

Sorry it's not better news.

The weather changed, it was so heavy today and threatening rain. Nothing more that a light mist though. Unfortunately, I get these headaches that seem to be caused by changes in atmospheric pressure. Maybe I should pay more attention to the forecasts Sister Aya?

So I think I'm going to take a painkiller or two and head to bed. :faint: :ko: :zzz:

I have a busy day tomorrow. Up to Dublin to collect the Mammy from the airport. Should be fun with the Bank Holiday traffic.

In other news:

Since getting broadband seems to be nothing more than a (fat) pipe dream, I bit the bullet and upgraded my dial-up account. I get more hours and I can go on anytime, not just evenings and weekends. For some reason I seem to be spending a lot more time online.

It's a marginally quicker connection (Every bps counts), but seems a bit flaky at times. I've had a few dropped connections since last night.


12 thoughts on “I’m tired and my head hurts.

  1. Depends. When I say dropped connection I mean that the modem *hung-up* and I had to re-connect. That's not normally caused by a website, more likely the phone line or your ISP. I HAVE noticed that opera has been having trouble with busy servers and "overloaded cluster nodes" (whatever that means) I think the poor server monkey's need a vacation .

  2. i had dropped connections too yesterday. Isn´t it opera then?When the weather changes, it´s my knee that suffers. :eyes::cry: and it hurts!

  3. Hi Mickey,Do they not offer DSL there? I had dial up for a long time, it was cheaper than broadband, but I wanted the 'full effects' of the internet, so we changed over. Paying 400% more a month. :(In a way, it is worth it.;) Have fun with visiting. :DSarah

  4. Interesting Brother Mick!Over here it went from an arse kicking 34c to an Irish/Scottish esque 18c within a few days. Pissing rain too!. A bunch of folks at work were talking about sore head related complaints!I shall pray for you on my morning walk tomorrow brother!! 🙂

  5. Hello Sister Sarah, If we could get Broadband out here "in the sticks", by whatever means, I'd do it in a second. Unfortunately, various factors conspire against me. Mainly a lack of population and infrasturcture. Have a look through my archives if you want the whole saga. Brother Waka,Thanks, for the concern. Feeling much better this morning, I just need time to adjust and then I'm grand.

  6. So, still stuck in traffic.:DIt just proves that walking is better ..Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  7. Are you all right?Yes,atmospheric pressure has much influence for your health.Some people have an attack of aschema around those days.It would be one of wonder of nature!But please take care! and have relax time with your big mug cup!

  8. Thanks for your concern Sister Aya,I'm am fine now. The headaches that I get from pressure changes do not last long, only a day. Then I either get used to the new pressure or the weather changes again.It may be a wonder of nature, but I don't think that my headaches are wonderful.I am having many big mugs of tea, and relaxing as much as I can. :up:

  9. Thanks for the info Brother Boz,'Fraid the satellite is out of my price range at the moment. Adn I'm out of range of the wireless. What's frustrating is that they seem to be doing all the towns along the main Dublin – Cork road which is about 11 miles from here.

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