A teaser

I shot a bit of video while I was in Stradbally, so hopefully this will keep you going.

Ploughing Engine

It's a ploughing engine – a Fowler, I think. You can tell it's a ploughing engine by the big winch drum mounted under the boiler.

Because of the weight and steel tires, using the engine to tow a plough would have caused too much damage to the ground. So they used two engines, one at either end of the field and winched a steerable plough back and forth between them.


9 thoughts on “A teaser

  1. Thanks lads. (in Ireland it can be gender neutral) I am fascinated by steam engines. The way all the machinery is open so you can see the pistons and gears working. And there's a certain smell – of coal smoke, oil, and hot metal. Even when they're stopped, it's like a resting animal. The steam is still alive inside, and they pant and sigh and hiss. One day I hope to be able to drive one, or at least get a ride.

  2. that´s a pretty cool engine!do you think i can get one to go to work everyday???? :whistle::smile::eyes:no?????

  3. That is so nice of Freethinker to put these links here! :smile:The trains in California! I had nearly forgotten them! They are great!:yes:

  4. Thanks for the links Brother freethinker :up:One day, I might make it out there. In the meantime, I can dream. I have ridden on steam trains before – as a passenger. One of our treats on summer holidays to the Rockies was to stop at Fort Steele and ride the train there. They had a Shay Geared Locomotive which was quite different from what you normally think of for a steam engine.What I really want is a ride on the footplate with the engineer.I know a lad who knows a lad….

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