Mad Busy

What a week, and it's only half over. :faint:

I was only just starting to recover from the weekend volunteering, when we get the local Pattern Day. So I was helping Mam get the family graves ready, then singing in the choir, then helping with the tea in the hall afterwards. It was a interesting evening, but unfortunately the weather didn't let us have the mass in the graveyard.

I've also had three exams in the last two days, dealt with some red tape that I won't bore you with, and my writer's group is doing a reading tomorrow for the arts festival.

I'm mitching off classes for a hour, :left: don't tell anyone. :right:

On top of that I'm sorting out a PC problem for a friend.

Anywho, I'm afraid that's the reason I've been neglecting the community 😦 Sorry, as soon as I catch my breath I'll be back properly.



8 thoughts on “Mad Busy

  1. How'yeh, lads?Thanks for the concern. Sure, most of this stuff I wouldn't do if I didn't want to. Still it never rains, but it pours. I did enjoy the pattern, it's like a reunion for the village. All sorts of folks return to catch up. And I always have fun with my writer's group. Something quite unusual happened at the reading, but I'll have to tell you in a proper post (with photo). Keep the faith. :spock:

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