Another Song Stuck in my Head

I heard a verse of a song I first heard years ago on TV yesterday. And I keep humming it to myself ever since.

Of course once I got online I had to go and find the words. So now I'm singing it under my breath. 🙄

I wonder how long this will last?


11 thoughts on “Another Song Stuck in my Head

  1. :lol:nice song to get stuck in your head!!! :Dwith me. it used to beeensy weensy spider…my daughter :love: it!!!!drove me nuts!!!is it whirling around your head now?it sure is in mine….DRAT!!!!

  2. well, if you get the entire Opera community listening to it – it will never stop. :no:

  3. 😆 I wish you a nice day and sing, sing, sing, whenever you want! Maybe it will be more funny with these guys

  4. 'Twas on a Monday morningWhen I beheld my darling,She looked so neat and charmingIn ev'ry high degree.She looked so neat and nimble, O,A-washing of her linen, O,|: Dashing away with the smoothing iron, :|She stole my heart away. …..:D

  5. Thought I had it licked :yes: Then I was walking to the shop this morning and guess what popped into my head. :no:

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