The Wait is Over

Finally got all the photos editted and uploaded. Enjoy.

I'm looking forward to your comments. :spock:


18 thoughts on “The Wait is Over

  1. Wow Father!What a great photo album :up:There are some very special machines in there. Do you know what was the utility of the fanciest ones?

  2. When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up to be a backhoe driver…now I want to grow up and drive one of those weird things. What a work of art that is! Doesn't even need a unicorn to pull it! 😀

  3. Hey Brothers and Sisters, thanks for the comments :up:Brother Louis,The "fancy ones" are showman's engines. They were used in travelling carnivals. First for hauling the rides and attractions from town to town, and once the fair was set up they generated electricity for the rides and lights. If you look closely you can see the generator mounted at the front of the engine ahead of the smokestack. Brother Waka,There were a few of races during the day but unfortunately I missed them. They usually have a barrel pushing race, where they push a beer keg in front of the wheel. A slow race, where the engine that goes the slowest without stopping wins. And a ladies steering contest.

  4. Nice one Mick! Takes me back :)I grew up going to Highland Games and such like for yrs mate.Can totally relate to the setting, the kind of folk showing up, the weather, the whole nine yards!!And I still think that sky is AMAZING in that very first 'engine' pic you posted a while back :)Great weekend to you brother M :):)

  5. The future mrs sprogger Thought they were great too:DHave you checked out who the new MOW is:up:

  6. Thanks brother Waka, it was a great day out and I really enjoyed myself. Doesn't look like the weather will cooperate for this weekend though 😦

  7. The first few pics reminded me of my favourite movie "Back to the Future" where an old train was converted into a flying time machine.Then true enough, further down your album, there is that pic of the DMC car, the original time machine in the movie!

  8. That's one of the great things about these rallies, you never know what you might see.

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