An Up”gate”

Done and dusted :hat:

There's still the capstones to go on top of the piers, but that's a job for the "brickie".


16 thoughts on “An Up”gate”

  1. Boooteeefulll!!Lovely gate. But a question – why is it so high up? Is this a Keep cows, but not hedgehogs, gate?:D πŸ˜€

  2. We should start a new order in our little church… "The chapter of the bless-ed gate" πŸ™„

  3. Thanks everyone, but you're making way too much of a bit of DIY :oBrother hungry,Congrats on being the first one to notice :up: (or at least the first one to mention it). They're mounted up high because they're meant to open inward and there's a fairly steep slope to the drive. That was one measurement we managed to get right first time.

  4. Quality Gate, Brother Mickey. As fine a gate as I've seen outside of Graceland I do believe! A couple of Carriage torches on the pillars would make the project!

  5. That's the plan, Brother Boz. The cables are in for power, once the pillars are capped the lights will go up.

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