Short Hiatus

Mick, why are you beating your head against the wall?

Because when I can't get on-line, I like to keep busy.

Sigh, 🙄 how long has it been now? Let's see.

Tuesday night I was out. (Writers group)
Wednesday I couldn't connect. :bomb:
Thursday I was on for about 10 mintues then things (My Opera to be specific) just froze. :furious: 😥
Tonight, I'm finally back. :hat:

Feels like longer, but that could just be the withdrawal. Going cold turkey is never easy.

Right, 51 watched items to go check out. Better get cracking.

UPDATE: Now that I've seen a few other blogs, it seems I wasn't the only one having trouble last night.


10 thoughts on “Short Hiatus

  1. Ah no, I wouldn't just leave without giving notice. :angel:If you haven't heard from me for more than a couple days assume technical dificulties or unforseen circumstances.

  2. Right, 51 watched items to go check out. Better get cracking.

    :eyes: Have a good night! :D(I hope the Opera server will be a little bit more stable tonight)

  3. No, Mickey, you are not the only one with server problems…Seems, like works better now. Welcome back!Maybe, we should more pray to the holy server god? 😀

  4. 51 items?!!! :faint:yesh, servers were acting up for me too. But was a nice excuse to not post 😀 :Dalways a silver lining.have a good weekend, how many watched items are you down to now?

  5. I had around 50 odd to answer to… and I am slowly catching up… :worried:but everyday, another 20 go on… :faint:Today, I have 15 more to go through… :faint:

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