Man Down

Me to be precise. On top of everything I get some sort of stomach bug that knocks me out for a couple days. :yuck: :faint: :ko:

I cannot seem to get caught up with my watched list for love or money. πŸ™„


20 thoughts on “Man Down

  1. Man Down – such a beautiful and sad saying at the same time. May the force be with you – drink plenty of clean water and rejuvenate yourself as you know how.

  2. Take care of you, Father, and come back soon. :)I don't think we need any disinfection for now :whistle:

  3. sorry to hear Irreverend, was it because you tippled too much of the COTWG's sherry? πŸ˜€ :DSeriously, hope your'e better now!dont 'know how to keep up with my watch list either :cry:PUT. THAT. FLAME THROWER DOWN!:D πŸ˜€

  4. Hi Mickey,I hope you will get well soon.Here an old trick from Germany:Drink lots of beer – will not help you with your stomach-problem – but you do not care anymore :cheers:Uwe

  5. @Hungry and Mickey,I know how that feels as well… I have a slight backlog too, trying to keep up though:)

  6. Helpful hint on the posting operations: save your post in a NotePad document first, then copy and paste data to your posting field. Click the Start button, click Run, type in "notepad" without quotes.

  7. Thanks Brothers and Sisters,Fortunately it was only a twenty-four hour 'flu. Nasty while it lasted though. I couldn't even manage tea and toast, it was hot water and cream crackers. Funny thing, this was supposed to be the start of a longer post, but I hit the enter key at the wrong moment and then Opera went down again so I couldn't finish. Note the lack of tags. Ah well, both me and Opera (touch wood) are back up and running. (Forgive the bad grammar but Opera and I just doesn't sound right.)Sister Aya,As you probably already figured out, a 'bug' is just a term for when you are feeling a bit sick. But not seriously ill, like you need a hospital or doctor. I think it comes from people imagining germs and bacteria looking like microscopic insects.

  8. I also spend a fair bit of time previewing before I post to get things looking the way I want it. Appreciate the tip though :up:

  9. What I do when things are getting flaky, before previewing or posting is just to copy the impending post to the clipboard. it then survives the vagaries of the server monkeys on opera.

  10. When I realized I was in trouble I saved my work to a note. I do hope everyone here knows about Opera's Notes, fierce handy.But by the time I got back to editting, you'd all gone and commented on what was there. I figured it was best to just leave it as is.

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