Counting my blessings

In my last few posts I've been giving out about My Opera for the problems it's been having the last while. But now I have to say my eyes have been opened.

A friend asked me to help her get started using a My Space account. I'd heard of it, of course, but I wasn't that familiar with how it worked. Still, I had a quick look and figured

How hard can it be?

Well, today we sat down and actually tried to do some work.

Went from :irked: to :no: to 😥 and finally :faint:

What a shambolic piece of confusion. :furious: Navigation was non-existant, cutomization was rudimentary, and there seemed to be many broken and missing links. The help section was a joke.

I really should have put her on My Opera and saved us both a lot of grief, but that would have meant showing her my blog, and I wasn't quite ready to do that.

So, despite its (occasional) faults My Opera could be a lot worse. And a lot noisier – Walky preserve us from music on profile pages. :yuck:


9 thoughts on “Counting my blessings

  1. It's ironic the way we want our blog to be private for some of the ones we know and accessible for every one we don't know. I often say to my family and friends that I take part in a photography forum instead of “I have a blog”…Don't we all :love: My Opera despite all its little bugs! 😀

  2. Hi Mickey,I have tried Myspace as well, but to tell you the truth I gave up fairly quickly, too dqamn hard to get around and worked really buggy with my mac.I will double Volkuro on this one, I love My Opera:D

  3. sometimes I write very private things in my blog.So to show this blog to friends who lives close to me is something embarrassing. :pI haven't had Myspace .I will take a look there later!

  4. A while after I started my blog I sent out a notice to family and friends, asking them to come have a look. At that point I was planning to use it to keep folks up to date, rather than spending my days emailing everyone with news. The response was underwhelming. Since then things have changed quite a bit. I guess my biggest worry is the church. I'm not sure how some of my more religious acquaintances would react. Sister Aya.Look but don't touch, trust me on this.

  5. You wrote: " Walky preserve us from music on profile pages. " :yuck: I agree!Please, preserve us. Please, preserve us. Please, preserve us.You wrote: "I guess my biggest worry is the church. I'm not sure how some of my more religious acquaintances would react.":eyes: I hope, that we don't loose our Father and Irreverand!

  6. Never fear Sister Elke, I would never abandon the faithful. :angel:It's just I'd worry that people who weren't familiar with me as "The Irreverend" wouldn't get that it's not a real religion. While I'm sure that some of them do think of me as a heretic, I want to avoid giving them any extra evidence. Brother tech,My Opera, for mature audiences only. :devil::lol:

  7. Tried myspace, blogger, 360 and wordpress. I still think my opera is the best.It has everything I need to blog on both my pc and my pda.IT has no ugly ad banners and I like it this way.(…yes it's strange how I can reveal my thoughts to this community,Yet feel reluctant to show it to the person living next to me.)

  8. Hello,Opera is the best choice. I have a MySpace account, one on blogger and on and on and on… Opera is the only one I visit regularly.

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