I’m back.

Call off the search parties. Stand down the national guard. Stop the vigil. I have returned.

Sunday, I was merrily working away on my surprise. Suddenly I was attacked by a troop of marauding server monkeys. Stick in hand, I steeled myself for the struggle I knew was coming. "Do your worst," I told the malicious band.

When I regained consciousness I realised that the battle had taken a lot more out of me than I originally thought.

Actually, I think it was a return of the bug I had previously. Similar symptoms – tired, achy, chills, upset stomach – and it lasted another twenty-four hours.

BTW, if you want to hear more from the Royal Canadian Air Farce there's clips here.


10 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. I saw it sunday night/monday morning, I think. Didnt want to ruin the surprize though :)Good to see you survived your epic struggle against the forces of evil (ninja pirate monkeys) 😀

  2. Begorrah, and what a wunnerful surprise it is!But first of all, Welcome back Irreverend! You've been sorely missed. 😀 :DYes… server monkeys have been acting up…quick someone throw them a few peanuts!!

  3. HI Mickey,Yep surprise got spoiled by the Server monkey… but having said that it is a splendid idea:)

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