Well, I thought I was back

Maybe I was over-optimistic?

I dunno, seems like whenever I have a free minute to go on-line I just don't have the energy. :zzz:

I know there's folks out there wondering where I am (Hi Sister Isabel ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) The truth is I just seem to run out of steam in the evenings and flop in front of the telly when I'd normally be checking out the community. My brain just turns to mush, which doesn't make for posts or comments that are coherent, much less up to my standards. (:eyes: He has standards?)

Even now, I'm struggling to not to nod off and do a face-plant into my keyboard. I've lost count of how many typos I had to go back and fix. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still out here. I haven't abandoned you. I'm just asking for a bit of patience while I get myself back up to speed.

Right, off to bed. Maybe I'll try some 'sneep', I hope it's more refreshing than sleep. :faint: :zzz:


7 thoughts on “Well, I thought I was back

  1. Howya mjSomeone was wondering if you had been swept away in the high tides:DStandards, we dont need no stinkin standards.Hope you get back to yourself soon.

  2. Hi MJ,You are greatly missed but we will wait patiently(?) on oru gret irreverend one:)Well not exactly patiently, but we will wait:DYou are greatly missed.Do take care and get well soon:)

  3. Ah no, I'm not sick. At least I don't feel sick, just TAT.Still I appreciate your concern. I think a "lie-in" would do me a world of good. That or going to bed at a decent hour. Speaking of which :zzz:

  4. Have a good sneep MJ, it does a body good. Sometimes ya just have to crash and sleep it out!hope you're feeling less TAT soon!take care

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