Just satisfying my curiousity

So this is the new add post page, looks alright. Nice clean layout. Pretty new buttons. …

"show advanced options" wonder what that does. Nothing apparently, least not when I click it. The formatting buttons at the top aren't working either. :irked:

These must be the bugs, they were talking about.

And where has my list of tags gone :confused:

Well, doing a preview got the top buttons and advanced options working. :up: Still no sign of the tags. :down:

Let's try adding a photo.

Much neater, no copying and pasting code. :yes:

Another preview and my tags are back. :hat:

Ok, let's save this sucker and see how she looks.


10 thoughts on “Just satisfying my curiousity

  1. Not so bad eh,still some bugs though, I cant add to my photo albums and tags seem to be added somewhat randomly to posts.

  2. Phantom Tags!ooh I like this description :DI shall have to find a way of using it in a post one day…have a good day and hope you're no longer TATTa ta

  3. hehe, found some new smileys today – one of them is this: :bug:I think, that tells us a lot, you don't think so? 😀

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