Words of wisdom

Celebrating my birthday has put me in a philosophical mood. Or maybe it's just the :beer: …

Anyway, I feel I should take this opportunity to be the voice of experience and pass on some advice.

Originally posted by Spike Milligan:

You must never bath in an Irish Stew.
It’s a most illogical thing to do.
But should you persist against my reasoning,
Don’t fail to add the appropriate seasoning.



12 thoughts on “Words of wisdom

  1. "Never trust a man in a blue trench coatNever drive a car when you’re dead"Tom Waits:DI don't know why, it just seem appropriate

  2. Heh heh hehhappy birthday Mickey Joeand I hope you've not been bathing in stew yourself 😀 :Dor if you have, withouth parsnips!take care

  3. ..and never put a penguin on top of your tv cause it may blow up.I know that don't rhyme but it's all I could think of for now. 😀

  4. Sorry about missing your birthday, Brother Mickey. Things have been running a tad hectic around these parts!Here's wishing you many more :drunk:

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