The Dublin Trip

So I imagine you're all interested to hear how I got on up in Dublin. πŸ™‚ …

It had it's ups :up: and downs :down:. Even though I had a late start I made good time up and got into the centre of town just in time for lunch. Traffic wasn't too bad, just a bit of a queue when I tried to get into the car park.

A bite of lunch, which wasn't worth mentioning so I won't, and then I started on my errands. I looked in several computer shops, and found a good deal on a usb hub. I stopped in a couple of comic book shops. Yes, I used to collect when I was younger and I still like to see what's going on, but I on very rarely buy anything. I was mostly looking in Forbidden Planet to see if they had any Family Guy merchandise that might do as a present for my brother.

I also stopped in at Lush to get a few thing for the Mammy. Picked up a shampoo bar for myself while I was at it. Then it was into the convenience store next door for a special treat.. Tim Hortons doughnuts. :yes:

While I was there I met a fellow ex-pat from Toronto. We chatted for a bit – mostly about the lack of coffee – but it was a nice surprise. A little more wandering and window shopping, then I was back to Marks & Spencer for a pair of trousers.

By this time it was nearly 6, so I decided to call it a day and headed for my cousin's house in Lusk. The key was right where he hid it – in a bit of perfect timing, he came down to Kilkenny to visit while I went up. I was pretty beat after hiking round the city all day, after a bit of supper I went to bed. :zzz:

The next morning I was up bright and early to have a look at the computer so I could head back into town to see the distillery and maybe Collins Barracks. So I sat down with a cup of tea and a precious doughnut – stocks were falling rapidly – and started at it.

:furious: :bomb: I tried everything I could think of to get the bloody thing working but no joy. I ended up spending the whole day stuck in front of that damned PC with nothing to show for it. Eventually I had to leave, so I would be home at a decent hour, but I felt like the day had been a total waste. πŸ˜₯

I did have a good think about it on the drive home and came up with a work-around that did fix things, but it means a lot of software will have to be re-installed. At least I managed to save his files. So I spent a good part of last evening talking him through it over the phone. Hopefully when he's back down on the back holiday, the computer won't be coming with him. πŸ™„


33 thoughts on “The Dublin Trip

  1. There used to be one called needful things but they are gone for a few years now.there is a branch of sub-city down stairs under the chocolate shop.A really friendly guy, whose name escapes me at the moment, runs it.

  2. Thanks Brother Thomas. :up: I wouldn't have minded if I had gotten somewhere towards fixing it. Brother Sprogger,I managed to escape relatively unscathed. I figure if I only make one purchase I'm doing pretty well. What's the name of the comics shop in the Eyre Square mall? I used to call in there whenever I was up that neck of the woods.

  3. Can't remember too much about the shop itself, it's been a good while since I was last there. I'm sure it was on the lower level, and it was an odd shape. It was sort of like a false front with windows running along the length of the corridor rather than the usual layout with the entrance at the front and the shop's interior going back at a right angle to the walkway. (I hope this makes sense.)

  4. sounds like sub city, it not quite as big as their dublin branchI have a lot of fun trying to get aroud it with my crutch πŸ˜€

  5. Pancakes πŸ˜₯ She did it again! Why do you torment me so Sister? :DSadly, not a full Tim's. Just a small display rack with a small selection of doughnuts and occasionally timbits (none when I was there). And no coffee 😦 though I think they did have at one time. It's also the only location I've seen in the whole country.

  6. Sugar, can't remember if there were escalators nearby or not. It was really long and narrow, so bad the customers had to follow a one way system, with the new comics set out on racks along the rear wall and the till at the "back" sort of tucked in a corner.

  7. If you were in Galway I would make some pancakes for you,probably nothing like you are used to but I do have maple syrup and a pan just for them. πŸ˜€

  8. I'm sorrrreeee (where's the pouty lip smiley?). I can fedex you some pancakes if you want. Blueberry or banana? :p

  9. Hi mickeyjoethere's access to tim's in Dublin :eyes: and to Family guy merchandise?!!You are truly blessed irreverend!:D

  10. Brother Sprogger and Sister San,Thanks for the kind offers but I can survive until my brother's visit. Sorry Bro, but Irish pancakes are not to my taste. For those who don't know there more like crepes, than the big lumberjack style ones I know and love. And Sister, how would you stop the syrup leaking :confused:Sister Isabel, I did manage to get things going in the end (I haven't had any more phone calls) but I'm not really happy with the outcome.Brother Hungry,I suppose I am, we're fairly cosmopolitan over here (at least inside the pale) I forgot to mention I saw my first Starbucks in my wanderings. Would still prefer Tims though.

  11. Well it's working, and he's happy, but I'm not. He's going to have to do a bunch of work reinstalling all his games and other software, which I didn't like to leave him with. At times like these I realize that being a perfectionist can be a drawback and I should learn to accept that I can't always do things the way I would like.

  12. well…at least it's working. Installing stuff again is a pain, but better than having to go out and buy a new computer which probably wouldnt be compatible with the software again…Cold comfort I know. Ah well.. crack a brewski and sit back and relax I say :cheers:

  13. I hope, you could fix now the computer problems! It can be a terrible work.Please, tell me, what is the secret of the Canadian (no, I don't say πŸ˜€ the word)I know the US-version and I love it very much. But, if the Canadian are more better, it would be nice, if I could have the recipe.

  14. I think I may have given the wrong impression. The computer is working fine – assuming, again, that no news is good news (touch wood) – and most importantly he didn't lose any data. It's just no matter what I tired I couldn't fix his original account so I ended up setting up a new one and copying the files across. Now, my cousin was perfectly happy with theis solution, it's just that I feel that my fix was a "cop out" and I didn't do a proper job. I should learn to be less of a perfectionist. Sister Elke,Canadian and American pancakes are the same, light and fluffy and thick. drowned in butter and maple syrup. I use a store-bought mix. I think the main problem is the flour. The way it's ground seems to make all the difference. My brother has the same problem when he tries to make Irish soda bread in Canada.

  15. I had a hard time making pancakes in China because the flour there is usually used to make dumplings…which are very glutenous. But with some persistent hunting I was able to find "real" flour in a western style supermarket.

  16. self-raising flour! :eyes:Additives!!! :faint::D :Dheh heh. not sure what that contributed to the discussion about but hey, I'm sure some eye-brows went up:whistle:

  17. TMI TMI TMIhmmmm. and just where are you going to tomorrow? and with whom? Will all be revealed on your blog Sanshan? Hmmmm?Tsk tsk.Hi Mickey! {waves hand sheepishly}:p

  18. Good news! The brother rang yesterday morning, he plans to visit at X-mas and will be bringing pancake mix :yes: :hat: πŸ˜€ :up: :sing:Brother HG,How are you feelin', over your seeek(not sure how to do the TM in superscript) I hope. Thanks for the mention, it is my blog after all πŸ˜‰ :DAnd Sister San, Dancing sound like a good treat for yourself. :up: Have fun.

  19. Rhubarb pancakes! With a strawberry-apricot compote poured over top and a dusting of vanilla flavoured confectionary sugar. YESH. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  20. Ahhh. Yesh. bacon, eggs, sausages, hashbrowns and coffee. Good strong coffee. :yes:Who could ask for anything more to accompay the pancakes with maple syrup. I do like fresh blueberries in mine though…Damn. Now I have to go to brunch. THe bacon. The bacon. Its siren song calls me πŸ˜€ :DHave a good week:)

  21. Pancakes :yes: rhubarb :no:Sorry to disappoint, but I'm very traditional when it comes to my pancakes. Plain w/ butter and maple syrup, served with bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, and coffee. (Insert Homer style "Mmmmmmmmmh" here) The nostalgia of a Canadian Sunday morning pancake breakfast is a big part.

  22. All things in moderation… including self-restraint :DHave a good week yourself. :up:

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