My eyes are dim

I cannot see …

So the family bought new specs for me.

Mammy and the brother (surprise, he doesn't know it yet :D) went in together and paid for my new glasses. I actually got two pairs. Specsavers do a two for one deal. I haven't been able to take a good picture of the other pair, they seem to blend into my colouring and you can't really see them on my face.

This pair has reactive lens that get darker in bright sunlight. I went with the frames because they hide the thickness of the lenses, you can't get reactive lenses with the thinner glass. Most people seem to like these though, going by the positive remarks I received.

So this is my birthday and Xmas present. The price of new glasses is shocking :faint: Fortunately I have a generous family to help me out. :up:


14 thoughts on “My eyes are dim

  1. Hi Mickey ๐Ÿ™‚ I was in glasses from the age of 6 to 16 and then into contacts. I know the feeling, seem like every year I went back for an eye exam, my eyes were worse and worse. Finally at about the age of 25 they stopped getting worse, but I am sure they will continue one day. That is wonderful that your family could help you out with the cost. Seems like they should be free, you know we all need to see! My goodness! I love the black frames, that is so 'now' you cool guy you!:heart:Sarah (ps-thanks for the well wishes for Carrell)

  2. Thats a cracking pair of 'Gregorys' Mickey J!!I was in the optical game for ten yrs as a technician in my previous (Scottish) life……….reckons I know a nice pair of Gregs when I see em!!Looking very cool indeed mate :):):)

  3. Thanks everyone. I was going for geek chic, seeing as I have the geek part down. Sarah,I started wearing glases at seven and my eyes got steadily worse ever since. Now my vision is shockingly bad, without my 'Gregs' I can just barely read the the screen with Opera on max zoom. That's 1000% :yikes: The optician said this exam was slighty better, but it could just be the day that's in it. I hope your husband had a good B-day. :)Brother Waka,:confused: Took me a minute to get the rhyming slang.

  4. Hi Irreverend one:)Looks very stylish:up:Nice to have such helpful family…Those reactive lenses are great I have it in my snowboard goggles, the reactive part that is… not prescription…Have a nice weekend:)

  5. Thing about the Gregs too Mickey is (hold ur breath folks) its coming to us all!!Almost everybody (even if u have walked around with 20/20 vision your whole life), by the time you hit 45-50 yrs old, will need some kind of corrective lenses. Usually starts with reading glasses!!Im blind as a bat myself…….Wearing glasses to read since I was 6 or 7. Contact lenses since I was 16!!If anybody reading this (with 20/20 vision) is approaching there mid 40s……..start choosing your frames now!!! :):):)

  6. The best thing about glasses (to me) is the possibilty to take them off very easily (so easily I often forget them anywhere).it's an excellent occasion to meet again people you just spend a party at their home.especially when it's a girl you like.have a nice day!

  7. Wouldn't work for me, I wouldn't be able to find the door to leave. :DI have to be very careful where I set my glasses down because I can't see well enough to find them. I'm in real trouble if I ever knock them off the bedside table in the night.

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