What to do on a bank holiday

It was a bank holiday in Ireland this past Monday …

And I felt it was time to get out of a rut and do something special. There had been a show on television about Cahir Co. Tipperary, so I decided that a visit was in order.

Had a late start, and didn't get down to Cahir until after 1. So we decided to head straight to the Swiss Cottage. It was about a twenty mintue walk from the car park along the river. "Just a good stretch of the legs."

The cottage is quite unusual. There's nothing "Swiss" about it, it just happens to have that look. The idea was that the building was suppose to blend in with nature "as if it had grown there" as the guide put it. The local lord built it as a big playhouse and used it for parties and entertaining guests.

Back in the town, I decided I could manage without lunch so we headed over to Cahir Castle. That turned out to be fascinating. We'd missed the last tour, but it gave the chance to just wander and discover the place on your own. It's a warren of passages, staircases, tunnels, and rooms. With something new around every corner. I ended up spending over an hour exploring every nook and cranny.

Was absolutely starving by this time, so popped across the road and had a nice supper in a cafe overlooking the river. The menu was limited, they'd had a busy day and we just made it before closing, but the food was delicious :yes:

The clocks went back over the weekend, so it was already geting dark, when I realised I missed the dovecote :doh: But I managed to get some get some sunset photos of the castle that I'm quite pleased with.

These are only a couple of samples, I'll be adding the rest of my photos to the album over the next few days. :spock:


15 thoughts on “What to do on a bank holiday

  1. Seems to be a place I would consider visiting – if I lived nearby, that is.Iยดd love to explore that castle and imagine brave knights and beautiful ladies around every corner.

  2. I love those houses! But it looks typical U.K. style to me… or am i wrong?Sounds like fun! :up:

  3. Thanks, it was a good day and I am very glad that I did it. If the weather co-operates I'll be out somewhere again this weekend. :up:

  4. Such beautiful photographs.Do goats eat the grass in the roof of the first building?In Wisconsin, there is a pancake house that has a grass roof; it is famous for the goats that walk up a little ladder and then proceed to eat the roof! The pancakes are delish, too! It is in Door County.

  5. The menu was limited, they'd had a busy day and we just made it before closing, but the food was delicious

    No details?!! Gaaah!!!:faint::D ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. More photos coming, just haven't gotten to it yet.Sister Elly:The roof isn't grass as such it's thatch Rye thatch from Poland to be precise. It's about twenty years old now so I think the goats would prefer something fresher. Brother hg:How could I be so negligent ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I had a chicken tikka pannini with cheese and spinach, apple and celery salad (which I initially mistook for potato salad :doh:), lemon cheesecake, and a mocha.

  7. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you Irreverend MJFood details always fascinate me :DLemon cheescake and mocha – with whipped cream? ๐Ÿ˜€ :DBy the way, lovely looking cottage although perhaps a bit drafty in the winter…

  8. Glad to be of service Brother hg, :up:The cottage was only ever used in summer, and was not intended to be a residence, it was more of a folly. The shape is deceptive, there are only four rooms (two on each floor) off the entrance hall. The family had a mansion in the town, as well as houses in Dublin, London, and Paris. While we were there they had space heaters in most of the rooms, and it was actually too warm, but I would imagine there's a problem with damp.

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