AKA Remembrance Day, Vetrans Day, Armistice Day, Poppy Day …

Is not observed in the Republic. (For various reasons that I won't go into, but you can read a bit about it here.)

Which is a bit weird since I grew up with the holiday in Canada. Not that I particularly miss freezing various bits of my anatomy marching to the memorial in a cubscout uniform completely unsuited to a Canadian November. But it was a part of my heritage and I find myself thinking about the day everytime it rolls around.

Still, thanks to satellite TV I'm getting a fair bit of exposure to the British ceremonies. All the documentary channels have raided their archives for anything war related. One program I did see was a CBC production called First & Last, about the first and last Allied soldiers to die in World War I.

I was particularly interested in George Lawrence Price, the last. He lived in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, – near to where I grew up – and was conscripted there. In what must be a supremem bit of irony, he was shot only two minutes before the War officially ended.


5 thoughts on “11/11

  1. I find it rathjer sad that for political correctness (And an early incarnation of it) all those brave Irishmen who died to preserve freedom are not remembered in conjunction with all the others from these islands each November 11th

  2. If only it were that simple. There's some very complex socio-political reasons and a lot of history behind Ireland's role in both World Wars and the aftermath. Way beyond what I want to get into. Ireland has a great tradition of UN peacekeeping which the nation is happy to acknowledge.

  3. Happy Vet's Day to you!Here, in our town, the Vet's are more feted on the Fourth of July. When they march by, everyone stands up and claps! Hopping up and down saluting the American Flag on the Fourth sure helps burn off those calories gained by barbecueing!

  4. Hey Mickeyvery sad indeed that he died two minutes before the war ended. I also read somewhere that there are not that many Canadian veterans remaining either; the parades have been becoming smaller and smaller. Sad too.:(

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