Baby, it’s cold outside

Ireland is in the middle of a cold snap and I'm perished. It seems like winter snuck up on us and I just wasn't ready for this turn in the weather.

Now some of us here have their love to keep them warm. For the rest all we can do is start the boiler, stoke up the fire, and think warm thoughts.

Anyway, I'm always reminded of this joke when the temperature drops.

Two bears, father and son, are walking along when the son asks

"Da, what kind of bear am I?"

"You're a Polar bear son."

"Are you sure? Maybe I'm a Panda bear."

"No, you're not cuddly enough."

"Well, maybe I'm a Grizzly bear."

"No son, you're not a Grizzly bear."

"Are you sure I'm a Polar bear Da?"

"Yes son. We're both Polar bears, the kings of the Arctic. Why don't you believe me?"




18 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Glad you liked it :)Nothing like a fire when the weather turns frosty, Sister San. It can be hard work – cleaning the grate, chopping wood, filling the coal bunker – but it's worth it.I'm sure I've expalined before that the fire is linked to the heating system and so warms the radiators in the whole house.

  2. heh heh heh..cute joke Mickey.And it's cold? Do you get snow? Maybe ya should get SProgger to help out with his flame thrower….:whistle:I'm staying out of the Lions vs. Als game. That's 12 rounds right? :whistle:la la la, I can't hear youTM, San

  3. No snow, that's a real rarity. Just rain and gale force winds today, I barely left the house to get fuel for the fire. And the poor cat was out all day and came in drowned, he couldn't have been wetter if he'd been swimming. :yuck:

  4. lovely grate and fire – but blue and white flames – very Harry Potter!!(just saw the first of the trailiers for the next HP movie πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ) so I have Harry Potter on the mind

  5. So damn cold, wet and windy even that is not enough:Dwe even had some snow here 2 days ago, for all of about 5 min though

  6. Hungry,Sorry to disappoint, but it's all camera tricks. Mine are unintentional. ;)Duplo,Sorry it couldn't be happier memories. (Or maybe you like freezing? :D)Sprogger,Welcome back! A good excuse to spend more time in bed. (Like you need one :D)

  7. Well like anyone else I do not like freezing.Up here I have been forced to learn that there is no such thing as baad or cold weather, only insufficient layering:DWell we only lack like 6 feet of snow, that would make me a happy camper (well snowboarder actually:D)

  8. Lovely fireplace! Funny joke!Take care of yourself and your kitty, too!How nice that the fireplace contributes to heat the whole house. You put wood and coal in it? I have a fireplace and have been afraid to use it. Well, now that my cats are deceased and my children are highschoolers and collegers (is that a word?) perhaps I will try it. It will only heat one room, if that, actually.

  9. Hello Sister Elly,Thanks, still getting hammered by rain and wind, I woke up at 5 am in the middle of what sounded like a hail storm. I thought the window would break any minute. :insane: On the other hand, the clouds keep the heat in so it hasn't been as cold.Wood, coal and peat briquettes and turf. It's a fair bit of work, but it does help heat the house and it's lovely to spend an evening beside the fire. I'd get your fireplace checked out and the chimney swept before you try to use it. (The sweep is coming to do our chimney this week.) I hope you will enjoy the fire and please post a photo :up:

  10. I forgot to say I originally heard this on the radio, it was an ad for gas heaters. So the two bears are talking with Dublin accents. (Very strange :confused:)

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