A tale of woe

Just waiting for the plague of locusts…. πŸ˜‰ …

It's been a mad, bad week since I was last able to talk to you.

Since then we've had storms, loose roof tiles, downed trees, broken down cars, stray dogs, leaking doors and windows, dodgy electricity supplies, and – most relevant to all of you – no phone line until this morning. Thanks goodness someone tried to ring, or I'd still think it was not working. The telephone company said nothing, beyond that an engineer would be coming either last evening or this morning. He never arrived, much less told us he'd fixed the problem. :irked:

Things are slowly getting back to normal, I will get to my scheduled post shortly. (:left: touch wood :right:)

It hasn't all been bad, a local group is trying to get Broadband brought into the area. I've been in touch, and it sounds like they're very gung-ho to get things accomplished. Fingers crossed.


16 thoughts on “A tale of woe

  1. Ireland sounds like it is a tough place to live, although quite beautiful.Do wild horses still thrive in the countryside?Is there much countryside left?

  2. Thanks for the concern lads :up:Sure, there was nothing life threatening, just one annoyance after another and another and another and another and…..But it could have been a lot worse.Sister Elly,I hope I'm not putting you off. Ireland isn't that bad, the climate is actually mild compared to some places. Of course it is beautiful, the people are friendly, there's loads of history, etc.There's a good bit of countryside, but the prairie boy in me finds things crowded. I don't think there are any wild horses :confused:Just ones that are let run wild.

  3. Oh, now I know what a hinnie is! Glad you aren't getting any tornadoes!!!It'll get better, for sure!!!!! :coffee:

  4. No phone line, no broadband, no wireless :faint:glad that all is okay though – has your brother and family (and pancake mix) arrived yet?Have a good better week!:D

  5. He never arrived, much less told us he'd fixed the problem.

    Unfortunately, given the time of year and the storm activity you've been experiencing, you probably won't be able to expect him until early 2007! :(And then, the same engineer (no doubt) will have to come out to change the lines over to Broadband (or mess with some thing Broadband-related) once it's (ultimately) set up! :eyes:

  6. Oh no, poor Mickey. :eyes:That all sounds like a story out of the modern world. It's unbelievable, what the nature is able to do with us humans.So I hope and wish for you: better days will come soon. :up:

  7. Elly,My blog is not just fun it's educational! :DForgot to mention I was up in Dublin last Sunday and I happened across the Smithfield Horse Market. Travellers selling horses in the middle of the capitol, only in Ireland.There's a picture here.Hungry,The brother (and the mix πŸ˜‰ ) won't be here 'til New Year's eve. I'm counting the days.Clean,Well, he must have done something, cuase it's been working since Friday. it's that fact that no-one bothered to me that galls. :irked:Elke,When nature decides to kick up there's not much we can do except try to ride it out. Irelnad has been seriously disrupted by the bad weather recently.

  8. You are very not lucky with your connection. :(I wish your broadband demand will work. I think I'll go knocking door to door to start a similar group…

  9. Good luck Louis, :up:I hope you have better luck than we seem to be having in Ireland. I was just reading that the group broadband scheme was having serious problems with funding and only about 10% of the people who applied have been connected. 😦

  10. Not yet Isable, won't be here 'til the 31st. Patience is a virtue :rolleyes:Still getting pounded be the wind and rain, Katie, but no more major dramas. :up::left: touch wood :right:

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