The votes are in

The polls are closed and the results have been tallied.

In first place we have a post about beer.

Tied for second – my brothers visit, the family's car curse, and walking.

So here we go. …

You can't think of Ireland without thinking about beer. Guinness in particular is a national icon. So this is going to shock you…

I'm not much of a drinker. :eyes:

Sad but true, I got to the point where the morning after was not worth the night before. Now I'm out of practice and I have no tolerance for alcohol, so one pint and I'm good for the night.

I really don't mind. I still have a good time and most folks are happy to have me as the designated driver. The only problem is instead of drunk, I end up wired on caffiene after a night of soft drinks.

But back to beer. When you think of Ireland, you think of Guinness, but most younger people these days will drink lagers instead of stout or ale. Guinness is an acquired taste, I'm only just starting to get to like it. It can also be a problem getting a good pint. Guinness is very sensitive to conditions, especially sitting in the piping of the beer taps, so the the more Guinness that a pub serves the better the pint. My uncle will only drink Guinness in certain pubs where he knows the pint is good.

Personally, I tend to drink ale. Like Smithwicks or Kilkenny. Again, these would not be as popular, particularly Kilkenny which was originally produced for export only. The Irish tend to see it as something foreigners drink.

Lager, despite it's popularity, is not something I drink a lot of. When I do, I guess it would be Stella Artois.

BTW, Amstel Beer has been showing a series of brilliant ads here in Ireland this year. I haven't been able to track them down online, but they feature the same Irish lads at great moments in history. We've had Columbus discovering America, the seige of Troy, and Noah's flood.

That's all I can write for the moment. Stay tuned for part two.


14 thoughts on “The votes are in

  1. I'm more concerned with the absence of a sermon every Sunday rather than his drinking habits. :rolleyes:I prefer lager as well, but I'll have Guinness if I'm with some snooty friends who seem to be impressed if I can down a pint of it. πŸ˜€

  2. Guinness is not the number 1 drink in Ireland?!!!!The irreverend doesnt' drink?!!!!why these be conditions for defrockking from the COTWG surely?!!!:D πŸ˜€ :cheers:not that I drink much either…

  3. Ah now Sister San, you don't want me to get all "preachy" on you? ;)That said, I have to admire a lass who can hold her pint with the best of them :cheers:Brother hg,I am so tempted to say something about about being frocked, but that would be beneath me :angel:

  4. Irreverand, what is the national beer of Ireland? Do you actually have one? :spock:Indiana has a state flower, flag, seal, motto, stone, bird, tree, poem, song, river — I think some folks are looking for Indiana to get some more "state" stuff.

  5. HI Irreverend one,Not surprised by you being a non drinker… Irreverent ones are supposed to stay sober and provide guidence to the rest of us, are they not??:D:DI am by no means an expert on Beer Either, but I have to admit that Irish Beer is indeed a wonderful thing.Guiness in particular. I have as you mentioned notised how sensitive it is and have promised myself not to drink it outside Dublin (OK Ireland) again. Would not spoil my memories of how great a beer it is with the disappointment it is to get it anywhere else:)I have just had the pleasure of tasting some of the fine Czech beer again and I have to admit that the true Budweiser is comming awfully close to beating the Guiness if I had to chose…. Luckily I do not:DTake care:)

  6. I so agree with you that Guinness is an acquired taste! I had a pint of the stuff while in Dublin and it took forever to drink… I prefer lagers! :p I am also not much of a drinker…

  7. I prefer whisky over beer. I also like gin (Tanqueray) – it takes a while to get used to; however, it provides a relaxing sensation that doesn't compare with beer. πŸ™‚

  8. Elly,I don't know if it's official (I found this, but I wouldn't say that authoritative), but unofficially it would have to be Guinness. Duplo,I dunno, I know a fair few priest who are fond of a drop. And I never said I didn't drink, just that I didn't drink much. :devil:And that is another thing about Guinness, most Irish people will tell you that it doesn't travel. ie. You can't get a good pint when abroad. Isabel,Well, it only took me about 10 years living in Ireland to get a liking for Guinness. Give it time. ;)Katie,No hangovers, a mixed blessing to be sure. πŸ˜€ It's true that Guinness is a good bit heavier than lager, but on a summer's day a cool pint can really hit the spot.

  9. I quit drinking Guinness here, in HongKong: horrible taste :yck:I'm a regular Guinness drinker in France but the best ones I've ever drank in my life were in Ireland of course!In a small village close to Cork if I remember, there were only old teeth-less fishermen looking at me as a zebra lost on a canoe….Boy, what a good souvenir!

  10. Oh, so Guinness is the Irish medicine! I'll take that!Had Guinness before, it was very dark as I remember. Can't remember what it tasted like, though.Forgive, me, Irrev!!!!:cheers:

  11. Oh, if you want serve me a Guinness, please don't forget, to serve also a bed with it…, because after the dark beer I will be totally ready.:faint:I've tried one time this delicious beer. :cheers:

  12. As we are want to say around here- Guinness sure there is eating and drinking in it. πŸ˜€

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