The votes are in – Part II

Right, this was supposed to be up sooner, but the reasons will soon be revealed.

Here we go with part two. …

My brother will be arriving, with his girlfriend (and my pancke mix :yes:), on the 31st. I'm really looking forward to this, it's been over a year since we last saw him, and although we phone and email regularly, it's good to see him face to face.

Not only will the two of them be coming, but they will be joined by my cousin and her family so the whole clan will be home for the holidays. 😎

It should be a good time, we might even be able to drag him out to see some of the sights. Mostly he just likes to hang out with the relatives and spend the evening down in the pub. :cheers:

As I mentioned, the family has had a run of bad luck with cars lately. First my uncle got caught in a flood with all the storms we've been having. Water got sucked into the engine and totally destroyed it. €12,000 (covered by insurance thankfully) but he's had to hire a car himself in the meantime.

Then I got a panicked phone call from my cousin-in-law :confused: a couple weeks back, he was supposed to be driving down to Kerry to meet a group of friends who were flying to England to see a football match. He'd left the ligths on overnight and his battery was flat. He rang because he knows I have jump leads / booster cables. Well, it was so dead we couldn't get it going so he had to bother his mother-in-law's car and he only just made the flight. And while he was gone my cousin was chauffering her mother around.

I was able to get the van started when I came back later. Better late than never.

And my own mother has had no end of trouble with her motor. First it failed the NCT, after spending a good amount of cash getting it ready. The mechanic should have told her it wouldn't pass. :irked:

She was getting it ready for the re-test, and on the advice of this mechanic she added a small amount of petrol to her diesel to help get it through the emissions test. What a disaster! It started running badly almost immediately, and eventually stranded her on one of Kilkenny's busiest round-abouts at rush hour. So back to the mechanic again to get the fuel system flushed out. While all this was happening we were swapping cars back and forth so that we would both be able to get to our respective jobs. Fortunately, I was not too busy and able to manage.

Now this was getting beyond a joke, so Mam decided that it was time for a new car. Of course this meant that on top of everything else we were trying to shop for cars in our free :confused: time. However, she did find something – a 99 Toyota Corolla – for a good price and she even got a trade in on her old car. :up:

I picked up the new wheels yesterday evening. And as a final insult, the old car had a flat tire that I had to change before I could go and collect it. 🙄

Whew, looks like this is going to be a three part-er. I'm all blogged out. :faint:


12 thoughts on “The votes are in – Part II

  1. Quite a motor story Mickey J!!BTW…….Looking forward to you getting broadband and tuning into the Radio KBOZ Sunday show!! :)Another BTW…..We had folks tune in from Kazakhstan last week!…..How comes the Kazaks have broadband and you guys dont??…..Thats just not fair in my book 🙂

  2. cars are such a pain in the arse! i have a few car tales too! good thing that everything gets resolved in the end… :up:

  3. Hey Waka,The Kazakhs may have broadband, but they also have Borat :yuck: so it all evens out.Isabel,At least my car seems to have escaped. I was dreading taking it in for it's service last week.

  4. Borat is a fictional reporter from Kazakhstan. He is also among the people I would smack upside the head should our paths ever cross. :furious:

  5. Have fun Mickey with family. :)I just want to send out warm wishes and God bless for the holiday season.regards,Sarah

  6. Oh dear. The Ireverand walker complaining about cars(the devils own work!)Hope yours survives the spate of bad luck.

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