Why I won’t be making a Winter Photo Album

Summer :up:

Winter :down:

And after this the fog got even thicker :faint:


7 thoughts on “Why I won’t be making a Winter Photo Album

  1. No, no, no, Mickey, that isn't a reason for me. Your photo is a good start for your winter album! I have seen some nice photos, even if it was foggy. 💡 to photo interesting objects on a foggy day can be nice.Good luck and please: try it. :up:

  2. You see that to me would be a perfect winter photo.We have the heavy fog here, just waiting for the sun to set and I will try for some shots of the streetlights in the fog.

  3. :eyes:are you sure you don't have a dirty lens? Maybe from too much maple syrup on those pancakes?:whistle:but i bet you prefer the fog to the praire winters…

  4. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. But Brother Hungry has kind of gotten to my point. I do actually prefer a "proper" prairie winter. I mean look at the lawn, it's still green for pete's sake! :yuck:Sometimes I think Ireland only has two seasons:The rainy season and the tourist season. 🙄

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