The problem with choosing a theme

Me and my bright ideas.

So I decided I was going to do foggy winter photos. Then, I wake up this morning, open the front door to that now familiar view and… …

No fog :doh:

What to do?

💡 Well, being a lazy git I just walked down to the other end of the house and took a picture of the fog up the other way.

Still, I knew that wasn't really going to cut it, so I was keeping an eye out for some suitably foggy scenes.

Well, I had to head over to Dunmore to the landfill with all the pre-Xmas recycling. Crawling along some very frosty/slippery roads I had plenty of time to scout locations. On my way back home I passed over Threecastles bridge and got this shot on my phone.

And a bit further on, towards Freshford, I got this view out over the fields.

I hope the weather co-operates tomorrow. 🙄

In other news, I got tagged by Sister San. Stay tuned for that post. :up:


6 thoughts on “The problem with choosing a theme

  1. Hey MickeyNice isolated, fields and empty country lanes. Exactly what I need after my little tussle with the accoutrements of christmas.Peace. Quiet. Fog. So welcome now. OOOOH wait. we have Fog and Rain here. Almost as good!Have a godo one!

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