How I Spent My Christmas

An Essay by the Irreverend Mick …

Let's see now, it's been a busy few days. I guess the celebrations started the night before the night before Christmas. I was invited to a Christmas / house-warming party by my former landlady. It was wonderful to spend time with them after too long a gap, but I ended up staying out 'til about 4 in the morning. :faint:

So Christmas eve I was more than a little sleep deprived. :zzz: Fortunately there was very little that needed doing – aside from my CATH post – so I took it easy until it was time to go to "midnight" mass. The tradition way back used to be pub then church, but eventually it was realized that church THEN pub produced a better mass. AFter mass Mam I I paid the usual visit to my uncle's house, for tea, snacks, and gift exchange. Then home.

The day itself was very peaceful. Mass again in the morning, and afterwards we headed off to do something that I think must be uniquely Irish. Putting a Christmas wreath on the family cemetary plot. They can be such a morbid bunch at times. πŸ™„ So there was one for my grandmother and grand father at the local graveyard, then we headed over to Lismolin to put another wreath on the grave of one of Mam's closest friends, who died just over a year ago.

It was really foggy up in the hills, great for my album, not so great for driving.

When we got back, Mam put the turkey on and then we both relaxed and watched TV while the dinner was cooking. Things got a bit delayed when the gas bottle ran out in the middle, but we were in no panic. After dinner and the compulsory flop on the couch we then headed over to my cousins to see that side of the family. That was grand, got to hang out with the relatives and have a go on their PS2. Still not feeling totally conscious, so we had an early night.

St. Stephen's Day, there is a charity walk that we normally do, since Mam was one of the founders. The weather was grand, dry and mild, but the trail was very wet in parts.

There were plenty of bogtrotters up to their ankles in bog, thank goodness for waterproof walking boots. πŸ˜‰

Three hours and at least ten miles was more than enough for both of us so it was another quiet evening at home and an early night.

Today was laundry day, in spite of the weather.

Have to get things ready for the brother, 4 days and counting. :yes:


7 thoughts on “How I Spent My Christmas

  1. πŸ˜† Ours was at 9. Like I said, there used to be a problem with lads spending the evening in the pub and then going to a real midnight mass.

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