A little background information

What's up with the snowflakes, you ask? …

Well, I answer, it has a lot to do with the view I woke up to on Monday:

and this

Yep, it was time for the annual fall of snow. As usual, the countryside was shutdown because of the state of the roads. I didn't have a lot of choice, I had to go into town. At least it was just local and the closer I got to Kilkenny the better the roads were.

The next day the roads were worse. The snow had only partially thawed and then re-frozen, leaving some very slick patches.

It's all melted now. But it's still pretty cold and frosty out. Not too much fog, so I'm having a bit of trouble getting Winter photos that go to my theme.

Flakes courtesy of


9 thoughts on “A little background information

  1. Hasn't been a single flake around here yet :(Its not like this is a particularly big country, is it too much to hope for?Nice pics:up:

  2. Just a short winter episode, but better short than never… And I think the same: your last photo is very nice. :up: I love the green-white trend

  3. hmmm. snow. Everywhere…:no: :no: :no: :no: :no: Just like in Vancouver – snow then melt away leaving slush behind.

  4. Hello lads,It was nice to see a bit of snow and get away from this weird, green, non-season that we get between November and March.Elly and Elke,Glad you liked it, but I prefer the snowier ones. Like this with the trees all covered.But I don't know if I could take more than a day or two of it. I must be going soft. Sprogger,Funny that, there's something about the landscape here that seems to attract the snow and fog.

  5. Looks like a great view to wake up to on a monday MickeyJ:)Bet you are getting soft, only a day or two… I think I would love to have loads of snow all year:D

  6. The snow didn't get you, did it Mickey?They got snow down in the Carolinas today and it was a mess from what I saw on TV. Cars were off the road everywhere!

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