Tehcnical Difficulties Pt. 2

Completely my fault this time. …

'Cos I'm a right feckin' eejit. :doh:

Finally got the phone sorted out on Monday, but by that time I'd already decided to go another route. It's still not true broadband, we don't have 3G yet out here in the sticks, but it is slightly faster and I'm no longer relying on a flaky phone line.

So anyway, back online and back to My Opera. Or so I thought. My login had expired and the password stored in Wand didn't work :no:

So I tried to login from memory, that didn't work either :no: :no:

The I tired to reset my password, but it kept saying it couldn't find my email address in the database :no: :no: :no: 😥

Finally, I hooked up my old hardrive which still had my W2K instalation on it, that got me in so I was able to fix my email and get a new password :yes: :sing: :hat:

So here I am back again. Regular service will resume once I finish kicking myself. :yikes:


:irked: I must be some eedjit, I can't even spell it right.


9 thoughts on “Tehcnical Difficulties Pt. 2

  1. Yah, we need a few cazilion (is that a word?) more passwords to remember in life. What did people do before passwords? Probably enjoyed themselves! 😀

  2. Thanks lads, it's good to be back. :up:BTW, I would now urge everyone to to get a password manager. I'm usingAny Password on my desktop.I also have a portable copy of RoboForm on a pen drive for those passwords I might need on the go.

  3. Welcome back Mickey!Thanks for the leads on password managers – this is something I need badly with my failing memory….Now to get it past my IT managers….

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