Technical difficulties Pt. 3

Well they can't all be my fault …


Along with all the hardware my brother brought me for Christmas, he also gave Mom an Apple iBook to replace her old laptop.

Now the transfer from Windows to Mac was straightforward until it came time to move all her old email across. None of the email programs I tried would import directly from Outlook Express. After some searching, I eventually found this. Which in the end worked fine, but you'd want to know what you were doing. I did enjoy working with a command prompt again, bit of nostalgia. ๐Ÿ™„

And if you happen to use Outlook, it's even more complicated.

If you're willing to spend the money there are programs out there that will do the whole transfer for you automatically. But I find it galling to have to buy a piece of software for a job you'll only do once. Why can't Apple include a convetor with OS X if they wnat people to switch from Windows :confused: :irked:

Oh yeah, I put a few pictures up.

More fog.

And another "bloody" sunset


14 thoughts on “Technical difficulties Pt. 3

  1. Why can't Apple include a convetor with OS X if they wnat people to switch from Windows?

    Probably because there's the odd file required for the proceess that's a Microsoft proprietary file, or something, and they won't allow Apple to use it for development of their system. God forbid they make computers easier to use for everyone!

  2. You know more than me! All I know about it is what I read in the odd computer mag from the library and an occasional article online (hence why I'm probably wrong about what I said above) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I don't know about that Clean, the tool I used to convert the mail boxes DbxConv is freeware. All someone would have to do is automate things a bit – track down the mailbox files, convert them, and then put the new files somewhere easy to find – and stick a nice gui on the front. If I knew more about programming, I'd have a go myself.

  4. Clean,No offense, but if Apple can get Windows to run on their new Macs I don't see why this is beyond them. Elly,Ah sure, least I can do for the mammy, considering the whole 'gave birth and raised me' thing. Glad you liked the pic. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. I see the fog has reached your part of the world too. We're in one of those inversion thingies where mist creeps in over the city and blankets it in grey. Oh wait. Maybe that's just the colour of the buildings. Hmmm. Who can tell, it's all grey…

  6. Hi Mickey J,Well the conversion from Windows to mac is never easy, but entourage made it a lot easier on me I think… do not really recall how, but it worked fairly simple as I recall…That sunset is great:up:

  7. Tech,Maybe, I just use windows because I know it inside and out. I'm not one of these rapib OS fans like my brother who is fanatically pro-Linux and anti-MS. Probably why he got Mam a Mac.Hungry,I think I live in one of the foggiest parts of Ireland, For some reason the roads around here always get the worst fog. I've had to drive at walking pace coming home from Kilkenny on occasion, it gets so bad. Duplo,I heard that Entourage is better at importing Windows mail, but I didn't think it was installed. Of course, now that I'm all finished I see that it is. :irked:Glad you like the pic, I have some more to go up from last evening.

  8. Familiarity is definitely a factor in why so many people stick with windows even though deep down they hate it so much. My computer life has been so much more stable and user-friendly since I bought my first Mac which, by the way, still sits at my desk, works like a top though it is 6 years old, and has never needed repairs. I too would try Entourage as it seems to work well in the Mac environment. Good luck and we'll get you too eventually! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Hi MickeyJ,Perhaps beause it is the MS Outlook for mac… wonder why it has a different name though… I like it a lot, far better than the windows version to me:D

  10. I'm not able to give you any help or good ideas for your technical difficulties. :whistle: (I'm glad to find the power-key of my pc) I hope, all that difficulties soon will be past. Good luck for that. But I like your bloody sunset photo. :up:

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