Very, very, interesting… …

As you may know, My Opera has teamed up with Hitslink to allow users to see detailed stats on activity for their blog.

After a few teething problems I was able to log in and have a look at my stats.

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

You can also see how people are finding your blog from search engines.

Search Term                        Referrals          Percent
[No search terms entered]              6               54.55%
image4.jpg                             1                9.09%
ive got a bad cold                     1                9.09%
nails down to the quick                1                9.09%
nissan cub                             1                9.09%
photos of canadian people mick         1                9.09%
Total 6:                              11              100.00%

Apparently I get lots of people here looking for nothing. So why am I going to all this trouble producing content :confused:


11 thoughts on “Interesting…

  1. I want to give you a bit of good news. When viewing my stats I also find that so many hits are coming from google search, yahoo search, msn, etc. and but they are actually clicking on the link and linking to your blog to read it, explore around a bit I am sure and then they are gone…BUT it is the old entries that are being read, to me that is good news. I often think that once I write an entry, it is then gone and old news. But folks are still getting information from what you post (maybe forever) so, to me that is good that it is still usable. The thing I don't like is all the info that is out there now…..but oh well….it is done now….I think, keep posting and who cares what people are looking for. :)Keep a blog for yourself and no one else. :)Sarah

  2. Thanks for your concern Sarah, but I was only messing. I just thought it was funny that people would get any results, much less my blog, when they don't put any terms into the search. 💡 I have a strong feeling that I just don't understand quite how it all works. :doh:————————That's too bad Isabel, when did you try last? According to the forum they were having problems with account IDs that were too long, like yours would have been, but it's been fixed.

  3. It can be quite disturbing to find out the search terms people have used to find your Blog … !'Teagabbing Course'. :rolleyes:'Evil Pictures'. :p'What is the cleanest part of a man's body' :eyes:I mean, I understand that some things are the result of some of the tags I've used … but, "What is the cleanest part of a man's body" resulting in a link to my Blog … ? Yeesh … !

  4. I was also surprised to see that most of my "shadow readers" were people searching for every possible word that I have put in my blog.All this time, I thought they were enjoying my work 😥

  5. Most of those one with no search terms entered come from Image searches,When you click on the thumbnail image in the results it usualy opens the page that the image comes from in a frame which dosent get the search terms passed to it.I think my wierdest so far is "free high resolution textures of corpses"or maybe "vulgar hippo":eyes:

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