Forget roses and chocolates

Nothing says I love you like…

Anti-Spyware software :confused:

Happy Valentine's day and I hope you got something more romantic. :heart:


10 thoughts on “Forget roses and chocolates

  1. Happy Valentines Day! The present I got was much less romantic, but very heartwarming.

  2. Happy Valentines Day, Mickey!!!Hey, I am happy if I get anything — it is the thought that counts!!Some people are practical, is all…:heart:

  3. Happy V day MickeyJ…No fun for me, but I did bring a little something home for miss Duplo:)Take care:)

  4. Sadly, I didn't even get a card for Valentine's Day. Nobody loves me :no: 😥 :lol:—————I could make a comment about using protection to keep your loved one safe from a "nasty infection" but it would probably be in poor taste. 😉

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