Overheard down the local

The ad your man i referring to.

⭐ A big thank you to Sprogger who kindly allowed me to use his work under a Creative Commons License. ⭐


38 thoughts on “Overheard down the local

  1. I have been following some of this, lol. Very funny addition. :)Now I am stuck on the CC website! :)Thanks for the link.

  2. Sprogger,Glad you like it. When I saw the two of them posed like that I could just imagine the conversation. I was going to add a link, but I can't find that commercial online anywhere. —————————-Thanks Sarah. The link is part of the conditions for using the image.

  3. That is so funny!!!:lol:Very creatively done!!!I need some help with the colloquioisms — what does "how she cuttin'?" mean?What is "craic"?Who or what is "the chipper"? A lawn implement?????Thanks for a needed laugh, MJ!!!:lol:

  4. Craic! I thought crack was only some sort of evil drug! :lol:I learn a new thing every day! Now I am forewarned about this if I ever step foot in Ireland!!!Thanks, Mickeyjoe!!!

  5. Do you remember smith and jones, the two comedians.They used to do a talking heads gig, just a close up on their two heads against a black background.that was in the back of my mind as I made the pic.

  6. Elly,The whole craic /crack business has been a running gag for Irish comedians for years. eg. I'm hoping for some good crack when I go to BC in May. ;)———————Sprogger, I've seen them a few times on Sky, those lads are cracked. πŸ˜€

  7. Smith & Jones were the characters that popped up in my mind, too.Cool conversation and a good idea. Cracked me up all right πŸ˜†

  8. This is classic stuff (and very creative!) A cross-Blog saga … ! :up:PS – I thought 'craic' was something Jimeoin said a lot … ? πŸ™„

  9. Thanks lads! But it's only my meager little contribution to the great work that Louis started and San continued. :yes:And again I have to give full credit to Sprogger for the sketch, I would have been nowhere without it. :up: ⭐ :up: ⭐ :up: ⭐

  10. Ben la chapeau!!I cliqued everywhere to follow that mysterious story and it was great everywhere! Good job guys!!Lo ! πŸ˜€

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