LWU Sited!!

Ever since the first reports that LWU might be in Ireland I've been keeping my eyes peeled in case I might spot her.

And just this afternoon. I thought that I might have been in luck :yes:

Sadly, it was a case of mistaken identity.

Everyone say hello to my Mom's donkey, Pat. (Pat the donkey, geddit :D)


20 thoughts on “LWU Sited!!

  1. Pat says "How 'yeh"————————–Nothing in the creels sprogger, not even a sod for the fire. (That Pat can be a lazy ass :D)

  2. I think that donkey is so cute with the little creels and all!Perhaps LWU would have a crush on him!!!

  3. Oh, just to clear it up, I was talking about Pat the donkey not being assinine. Doesn't that mean silly? Just a small tease, really…

  4. Little White Unicorn…she's on walkabout. Keep a keen eye open, you might just spot her if you are a true believer. This might not be difficult for someone who dresses up as a fairie. πŸ˜€

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