Just a bit of fun

Monumentally silly, but a lot of fun.

Flight of the Hamsters

My best score so far was 350 feet. I might do better if I can stop laughing so hard. 😆


92 thoughts on “Just a bit of fun

  1. But for how long?Your screen-captures are better than mine, what program did you choose?@MJWith the high score you had you don't have to worry for quite a time! :right: :king:

  2. Starting to feel the heat San :worried: I haven't been able to get anywhere near my record since that one fluke run. On the plus side, first post with over 50 comments :yes:

  3. I'm resting up. In swim training we call that the "taper". I'll be ready to go in a few days. :devil:

  4. Hi, this is a hilarious game and I've just wasted twenty minutes on it, and know full well that I'll be trying again later! I'm nowhere near as good as you guys at launching hamsters, though 😉

  5. I just wonder how the hamster launch people know your name? :whistle:And why the font size for the numbers are all different sizes? Hmmm 🙄

  6. Are you insinuating that I have photoshopped my results? Hmmmph!You know me better… :saint:

  7. We'll be havin' none of that now Louis :irked:(Only because I didn't think of it first 😀 )

  8. Well it was a desperate effort, I have a hamster launching lethargy!I cannot break the 600 mark anymore 😥

  9. You're moving up there Mick. That first launch sucked though. Consistancy…that's the key. 😆

  10. :yikes: :faint: :rip: I thought I was doing well with thisYou two have me totally outclassed.

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