St. Patrick’s report

It's been an interesting weekend., with lots to tell So I'll just get straight to it.

Things started on Friday with some excitement down the village. The Post Office was robbed :eyes: A couple came in and took €4,000 in pension payments, and the postmistress' handbag. When they went to make their escape though, their getaway car wouldn't start 🙄 I guess we know what the money was for 😆

The robbers made their way up to the school where they asked staff if they could call a taxi. Unfortunately, taxis are reluctant to come all the way out from the city so that was unsuccessful. Then the staff tried to contact a local mechanic to repair the car but he was an hour away on another call. The next suggestion was for the robbers to head back to the village and wait for the bus to Kilkenny, it would be along in a couple hours 😆

The teachers were now getting very suspicious of these two who were acting "very shifty" and they escorted them off the school grounds. Meanwhile, one of the post office staff who had gone out in her car to try and find these two spotted them coming out of the school and watched as they tried to dispose of the money, which they had been carrying in a shopping bag. Shortly after the two thieves were apprehended by the guards.

Saturday, Mam and I headed off to Thurles to see the parade as Mam's set dancing group were going to perform. However, it seems someone :whistle: got the days mixed up. Thurles was having their parade on Sunday. :doh: But we had tea and scones in a pub, and did the weekly shop, so it wasn't a complete waste.

In fact, it was serendipitous for a couple reasons. The rain, which had held off until then, started as soon as we left the pub. And while we were shopping we found some lamb mince, which Mam used to make a lovely Shepherd's pie for supper.

To finish off the evening I had a can to "to drown the shamrock".

Sunday dawned, cold and snowy :faint: and it kept snowing on an off all day. :yuck:
The weather was mad altogether. It would blizzard for 10 minutes, then the sun would come out blazing and melt everything, then it would snow again. You can see some of what we had to put up with here. Snow 18-03-2007 12-10-46.MPG
The weather was so bad that some of the celebrations were cancelled along with loads of ferry sailings and a flight or two.

Nothing to do but light the fire and see what else the OC had to say about Paddy's day. Melissa put up some really good stuff Here, here, here, here, and here. Shes' been VERY busy.
Kay Four, over on her blog, made a very sweet post.

Today has been much the same weather wise. More snow overnight so this was the view this morning.

We just had one or two brief flurries since, but it's bitterly cold and it's blowing a gale. The winds are going to get up to 120kph with lows of -2oC.

As I'm writing, Into the West is on the telly. If you want a good film set in Ireland I can highly recommend this :up:


20 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s report

  1. Yes, nice post – with green letters and all :smile:The world is filled with stories to be told – like the one about this robbery. Good one – and no doubt exciting too. In fact I think I´m going to tell the kids at my job all about it tomorrow – they usually loves tales of that kind. :smile:And we tasted the storm here in Denmark yesterday, too. Bridges closed, ferries didn´t sail, traffic accidents due to hailstorms. Strange weather :yikes:But summer is just around the corner I´m sure.

  2. Stupid criminals!Glad you had a good time even though the weather was poor!I have to watch that movie.

  3. Great post 🙂 It's hard to believe there are people stupid enough to do such a potentially life changing thing as robbery and not have thought out the process :eyes: but I guess the jails are full of them.

  4. Thanks everyone, I'm glad my efforts are appreciated. :)——————————————–While I'm sure that the robbery was pretty stressful for everyone involved at the time, it must now seem like a huge joke. I told my cousin about it today (she'd been over in England visting her sister) and it sounded like I was telling her about an episode of Killinaskully.

  5. The Post Office was robbed

    I hope the LWU wasn't there. I know she often likes to hang around in post offices! :eyes:

  6. No reports of a LWU sighting Louis. I was keeping my eye on Pat, when things like this happen you have to watch your ass. 😀

  7. NOW that is a pair of stupid robbers:DAn interesting read MickeyJ and nice to knwo I am not the only one mixing things up at times:D

  8. oooh how exciting with the robbers and all! But wait. March 17th – wasn't that the day the competitors for the Eurovision Song Contest were selected? Or was that just silly England?

  9. no Mickey, I don't – just happened to see the show where they voted that dumb looking group impersonating flight attendants to represent the UK. My English friends were aghast. I was amused…tee hee hee:D 😀

  10. me neither, but according to Terry Wogan, it's a fine exampel of European culture….eeep :faint:

  11. :confused: :confused: :confused:If that's true I weep for the state of European culture.

  12. That may be the best way to get through the Eurovision sprog, in a semi-comatose state 😀

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