Technical Difficulties – Part ?

The latest in an ongoing series 🙄 …

So I haven't been that active here in the OC the last week. I had other "stuff" to deal with.

It all started when I learned about an interesting website from an e-newsletter I get. Now I trust everyone is regularly installing their Microsoft updates, but what about the other software on your computer? These days, most programs will check themselves, but usually it's only when their running. and maybe once a month. So it's easy to miss something.

But now Secunia have come up with a one stop shop for software updates

All rules for detecting software in the Secunia Software Inspector come from the "Secunia File Signatures" database, which currently contains rules for detecting more than 4,000 different applications and their exact versions installed on a client system.

"Well, I have to try this out," I thought. So off I went to the Software Inspector. Another big plus, which I learned after I visited the site, It will run in any browser that supports Java ie. Opera :yes: So you're not stuck using that "other browser" :whistle: (I should mention that you do need the latest version of Windows, or Microsoft, Update to detect missing Windows updates.)

The results were enlightening 💡 Most of my software was Ok :up: But there were three items that needed attention. I needed to update Quicktime and Winzip, and I had an outdated version of Java. Now I had the latest Java version, but this old version had not been removed, so It could have still been a problem, plus it was just taking up space on my hard-drive.

In the meantime, my Anti-virus program. AVG Free had developed a problem where the event log had been corrupted so I couldn't tell if scheduled scans or updates had run. Everything else seemed to be fine, but I wanted to make sure there was nothing more serious.

So, download the updates -time – backup the computer – more time – install the updates and un-install the old Java – more time – repair AVG install – more time – check to see if it was fixed – more time – un-install and re-install AVG – more time. You can see where this is leading.

Yesterday, once I had everything sorted, I decided to treat myself to a new toy. One of the discount stores had a good deal on USB hubs, so I headed off to the nearest location in Thurles. It worked grand to start, but when I went to turn on my computer today it made "a bad noise" and I could smell burning plastic. :yikes: I quickly plugged it out and took a closer look. The bottom of the case was not to the touch and there was a dis-coloured area. Thanks to the stylish clear plastic case, I could see that one of the chips on the circuit board was scorched. :yuck:

I let things cool off and plugged it back in to see that half the ports were dead according to the activity LEDs, plus windows was saying it couldn't recognise the device. 🙄 I fired off an email to tech support, but I'm hoping they'll agree it's fried and just send my a replacement.


12 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties – Part ?

  1. The computer is ok, thank god. It was just the hub. But I'm re-thinking my plans to buy one of Aldi's computers.

  2. My parents bought an Aldi computer, it works really well. It was made in Germany, that is all I know about it. You do mean Aldi, the store, right; not an Aldi brand?Hope everything get sorted out okay for you, Mickeyjoe!!!!

  3. This is what I´ve heard – also assuming that Aldi is a store:Buying computer stuff in Aldi works very well – and for a bargain – untill something goes wrong. Costumer support sucks.But, again – this is waht I heard. Never tried for myself. I think you will be able to shed some light over this in a matter of weeks 😉

  4. Sorry for the confusion. I do mean Aldi the store. The computers are made by a company called Medion. The reviews of those machines have been positive, and they are a cheaper than other brands – partly due to the fact that they come without a monitor. This hub is from another company called Tevion. I don't know what their reputation is like. I probably won't hear anything 'til Monday at the earliest. Their call center closes for the weekend. 🙄

  5. Oh oh, the smell of burning plastic isn't good…:yikes: (where is your fire thrower???)Now for serious: technically problems on a weekend are a big problem.I hope for you, you will get help an monday. Best wishes for that. :up:

  6. Good news :yes: Just got an email back.

    We will have one sent to you. Best

    A bit terse, but it's the result I wanted. Now We just have to see when, or if :rolleyes:, it arrives.

  7. oooh-errrr technical problems of this kind scare me…so does the smell of burning plastic….glad that it was resolved quickly and nuffink went wrong with the PC itself!!

  8. Burning plastic Mickey??Between you and Hungry we will have the whole bleedin place up in flames soon mate !! :):)

  9. Good luck Kay :up::star: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Small mercies hungry. So far so good, but I won't call it over 'til I have the replacement in hand. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Well… scorched, melted plastic to be honest, Waka. But you know the smell I'm talking about. I should count myself lucky there weren't open flames :yikes:

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