Where the have you been?

Is the question of the moment around the OC… …

Yeah, I did one of my disappearing acts again. Sorry.

We've a visitor from Canada, one of Mam's friends. Between getting ready for her visit, entertaining her while she's here, getting ready for my fast approaching trip, and the various trials and tribulations of everyday life (that I won't bother going into) it's been all go this past while.

When I do have a free minute, I don't have the inclination to post or even comment, though I have been keeping an eye on things.

But we did a tour of Cork and Kerry last weekend, so you can expect a report and new album in the (hopefully :o) near future.

Mind yourselves and TTYS,


16 thoughts on “Where the have you been?

  1. you're as bad as LWU πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ disappearing and reappearing like that. It makes us all dizzy :faint:

  2. yeah, I agree with Sprogger – now you're back – get back to work and post post post πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Mickey J,good to hear you are still here and well.Seems you are a rather busy guy these days…Glad to have you back:yes:

  4. :up: You have such a lovely country to tour.Is it true that there is a part of Ireland that is tropical because of the sea current? My youngest son keeps telling me that there actually are coconut trees in Ireland because of this. So, I am now asking you, a native, is he pulling my leg?????

  5. Yeah, he meant palm trees. Palm trees don't have coconuts? I mistakenly thought they did. Anyway, that is way cool!

  6. The palm trees we have here don't have coconuts, I just assumed that there was a difference. :eyes: You don't know what a tea cosy is for?!?! πŸ˜€

  7. Well, I have seen tea cosies on TV. Never seen a real one. Never used a real one.I knew it was supposed to keep the teapot hot. I didn't know that you were supposed to pour the hot water out of it, then put tea leaves in the pot, then pour the water back in, then put the tea cosy on the pot, let it sit for five minutes.So, now I know it is for the purpose of brewing tea, not just keeping the pot hot.I don't know about palm trees and coconuts, too!So, Ireland is wet alot? Ireland is warm mostly? Right.Ireland doesn't get much snow, according to what I read. This is so interesting, I thought England was the rainy country. Which is more wet, England or Ireland?

  8. Well if you want to be really anal about making tea that the offical procedure. If you don't follow it exactly I won't tell. ;)The whole business of 'scalding' the pot before you put the tea in and covering it with a cosy is to keep the water hot as long as possible, which helps the brewing. Ireland is WET.. A LOT. Though at the moment we're having so pretty good weather. And the cliamte is generally mild. Rarely below -10oC at the coldest and then mid 20s Celcius at the hottest. I'd say Ireland is wetter, because we shelter England from the Atlantic.

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