4 days to my big trip.

Hey, hey, first of May
Outside nookie starts today.

Every spring Dad would trot that little ditty out and I've never forgotten it… No matter how hard I try 🙄

Anyway, I did all my shopping today. There's only the duty free left. And I met my former landlady and her daughter in my travels. That was really nice since I hadn't seen them since before X-mas.

The landlady told me about a shuttle bus to the airport, she said it was very handy when she had to travel. Now Mam was willing to drive me, but she would avoid driving in Dublin if she could. So I checked it out tonight. Unfortunately, the schedule doesn't suit. Thank goodness I have the Mammy to fall back on. :love:

Come back tomorrow and see if I've started my last minute panic yet.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I see that Opera messed up all the file names in my photo album :furious:

So here's a quick and dirty guide to the spots we visited.

We started our first trip with The Rock of Cashel

From there we continued on to Co. Cork and had lunch in Clonakilty, famous for it's Black Pudding.

After lunch we travelled on to Baltimore

and caught the ferry over to Sherkin Island

Then we spent the night in Skibbereen

The next day we went on to the Ring of Kerry

And found a little archaeological park in a place called Bonan(I think :confused:)

We stopped for lunch in a lay-by above a small beach.

And stopped for the night in a B&B overlooking Dingle Bay called Taobh Coille (Woodside)

There were newborn lambs in the fields below the breakfast room.

On to Killarney

Then back along the Copper Coast

stopping in Tramore to walk on the Strand

And finally home through Waterford town.

The next Saturday we took a day trip down to Wexford.

On the way we stopped in Clodiagh Church, it's a funny little chapel tucked down in a valley on a bend in the road.

The next stop was The Irish National Heritage Park

where we took the tour and had lunch.

Then we met a friend of a friend of our friend who lived in Wexford town. She brought us on a tour of the downtown.

It was time to head back, but we stopped at the Kennedy Arboretum, which was closed.

On to the Kennedy homestead, which was closed.

And finally the Dunbrody famine ship

which was… you get the idea.


9 thoughts on “4…

  1. Thanks sprogger, means a lot coming from you. We were blessed with the weather, and we haven't had a bad visit yet. Everyone who comes over goes back thoroughly impressed.

  2. Oooh, that´s nice.I´d very much like to visit that Irish National Heritage Park! Seems just like something for me.

  3. It was interesting Allan, the different sites were very well put together. The guide left something to be desired. He was really rushing through the tour, walking and talking.

  4. great pics!Outside nookie starts May 1st? You dad couldn't have said a truer word – the canoodler below's boyfriend arrived yesterday to stay for good – :cry:This means they'll be out on MY deck, canoodling amidst MY flowers…WAAHHHHHHI think I'll start leaving blood pudding out on the deck now…:devil:

  5. Yeah, that is, what I've missed when I watch your photo album.Thanks for your explanation :happy: :up:

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