The Irish Elections

Were on Thursday. But they have already received more than enough coverage. …

If you're really interested you can find plenty of info here.

I've got more important things to deal with. Like all my photos from the vacation/reunion which I still haven't looked at yet 😮 I think I'll have to break them up into multiple albums to keep things manageable.

The problems with new toys is that they will often require new toys of their own. So far I've picked up a car kit and a case with built in speakers. Oh, and a CD with some songs I want to rip. But THAT'S IT. I'm not going to spoil my little Gigabeat.

BTW, I forgot to tell you that I'm not using the firmware that came installed. When I bought it, your man recommended Rockbox, which is an open source OS that works on a variety of MP3 players – including iPods. I'm still getting the hang of it, but I like it so far. Particularly the custom theme I downloaded. :left: :right: Looks like I grabbed it just in time.

In other news…

The comedy festival is less than a week away :yes: I'm volunteering once again, and once again I left it too late and wasn't able to get on the list of drivers. But still, I'm going to get to try something new this year. I stayed behind after the volunteers meeting yesterday because I wanted a word with the volunteer manager and I overheard that the Flying Squad was looking for bodies. We'll see how it goes.


21 thoughts on “The Irish Elections

  1. Comedy Festival? Watcha gonna do??Aaah, and I'm glad you're happy with your "new toy". My (sorta) "new toy" is my Macbook, and I'm still enjoying it… 😀

  2. Cool… You get to travel with the tour? That's awesome! Ummm… Do you need to pay for your own lodging and stuff?It's nice to know that there are humans out there who still do volunteer work in this selfish society that we all live in… :worried:I, myself, for one, don't volunteer for the lack of time to do these things. I make donations to charities instead because I spend so many hours working and earning a lot more than most, so I share my money with the underpriviledged, especially the children, the elderly and the animals… :worried:I wish there are more nice people like you around…

  3. The festival's flying squad go round and pitch in wherever extra help is needed. Mainly getting venues set up and cleared as quickly as possible. So I'll probably spend the festival lugging chairs, sets, and stage equipment. In previous years I've only worked at a single venue or two, and that involves a bit of everything. Helping with the set up, taking tickets, dealing with customers, clean up. Which is fine, but you do tend to see the same comics and hear the same routines over and over. Being on the squad should get me around to a few more shows.

  4. Sorry for the confusion. The comedy festival is only in Kilkenny and only for the one weekend (Jun. 1-4). So I just go home at the end of the night. You make me sound so noble 😮 but I mainly do it because it's loads of fun. The other volunteers are great, everyone is really friendly, and sometimes you get to meet and hang out with the comics. There's also a "workers" only club and beer vouchers for volunteers. :up: I am lucky that I can take the time to do this, hopefully I'll still be able to in the future.

  5. Why not?An old Chinese saying passed down to me by my Grandma "As long as there's life in this body, I am able".;)She's a wise one, she is… Been through many hardships, some of them being, she had to leave the first son in China when she illegally migrated here to Malaysia in the olden days, sewing clothes for sale to save money for six children's (in Msia) education, walking her children to their schools every day (it's about a 3km walk and she has to do it more than twice a day) but despite it all, she was both strong and incredible.She's gone now but her words live true by me. I'm proud to say that what my Grandma would like me to be, I already am… :)So, I don't see why you can't do what you put your heart and mind to doing… :)I'm making this sound like a preach. I'd better stop nagging… 😆

  6. It's not that I'm not willing, it's just that in future I might have commitments that I can't get out of. I mean, if my reunion had come a week or two later it would have been a real problem. As it is, I can set my own schedule at present, but who knows if that will always be the case? I'll just have to remember to always keep the festival weekend open.

  7. oh holiday pictures 😀 :DI know exactly what you mean Mickey – I'm still sorting thorugh my Italy photos!

  8. Congrats with your new toy. We need toys, don´t we – and preferably new ones once in a while!

  9. Hi Mickey J,That comedy week sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun for you…New toys is something we all need on a regular basis I think…Or well I know I do at least:D

  10. Thanks Allan. And if not brand new, at least new to you. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I always enjoy myself Duplo :up: What's your latest "toy"? 😀

  11. Well actually I have not bought a new toy since the last lens… Will however do that when I go to the US in 3 weeks:D

  12. That is my plan…Will most likely pick up a back up body and the ultimate pancake lens while I am there..But do not tell anyone it is a very secret plan:D

  13. :left: :right: No problem 😉 You stay quiet about mine, and I won't mention yours.

  14. There was a man from Kilkennywho fell in love with a Pennyhowever he spent itand lived to regret itSo now he gets by with a memory.Heck! I am bad with limericks! Te-hee! What should the last line be? MJ, put a nice Irish phrase there! Have fun at the fest!Keep enjoying your toy, MickeyJoe!Will check out the site, my old Dell may not be able to work there.It is big, bulky and I love it!!! Just recently filled the whole thing up; have to go in and erase some of my not-so-favorites.Seemed so big at the time. Mine 20GB, my daughter's new I-Pod 80GB!!!!

  15. Limericks are very hard. Especially when you are completely shattered from 5 VERY late nights in a row. :zzz: I'll have to get back to you on an ending. I hope you get to check out the site. It won't be open for much longer. There shouldn't be anything there that's too demanding for your old PC.

  16. There once was a man from Kilkenny,Who fell deep in love with a penny.Too soon it was gone,But as time went on,He found he preferred to have many.What do you think Elly?

  17. ReportedWhile the chances of the spammer responsible seeing this are miniscule, if you do happen to read this comment would you do me the favour of violating yourself with a large thorny stick? :furious:

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