Oh God Will It Ever Stop Raining

So I was watching a documentary on The Saw Doctors on Telly this evening and they were playing this song.

Perfect for the last couple of weeks here in Ireland. There hasn't been a day without some sort of rain. No wonder Sprogger has the Blahs. 😦

One of our cats got caught in a cloud-burst today. He came in utterly drowned. :yuck: He was so wet he actually shook himself like a dog to get rid of the worst of it. :eyes: It doesn't seem to bother him at all though, he just licks himself dry and goes to sleep.

A cousin of mine wrote asking if I could organise some rain for her visit this autumn. πŸ™„

I told her:

You want rain? Here.

Rain for Earla.MPG

Just looked at the forecast. :faint: Oh God, will it ever stop raining :confused:


36 thoughts on “Oh God Will It Ever Stop Raining

  1. I just looked at the forecast for next week.Rain every day. Every single day.Seems like your weather is coming my way.

  2. :lol:Actually, I kimda like rain… It chills the city. It's always hot as hell (pun intended) here… 😦

  3. Yeah, it's ok. In small doses. But day after day after… :rolleyes:And it's too chill here. Had to run the heating a couple of times – IN JUNE!

  4. Awww… u poor thing… Well, the weather here alternates between rainy and sunny. Actually, truth be told, those are the only weather options we have here in Malaysia!! :cry:I've never seen the snow!!! 😦

  5. I live almost on the Equator… So… When it snows in Sahara, lemme know.. I'll get my winter coat out… :rolleyes:Seriously, I've never made snow angels, never ice skated (though there are articifial ice skating rinks here), never skied, never snowboarded, never touched the snow and never felt snow on my tongue… πŸ˜₯

  6. On the plus side, you've probably never had frostbite, hypothermia, or gotten your tongue frozen to a piece of metal.

  7. Frostbite – several times, though only very mild cases. Nothing amputated.Hypothermia – probably, again just very mildly. Tongue – just once that I remember, though I doubt is was for lack of trying. I'm sure it's something kids do where-ever it gets cold enough.

  8. Hah! U are a very careless man Mickey!! :mad:My Aunt lives in UK and she soooooo totally have not experienced this except that she loves her winter coats… :eyes:

  9. All my mis-adventures happened in Canada. So we're talking about weather a lot colder than England / Ireland. -20oC and below.

  10. Canada!!! :up: Of cos… Well, u didn't say so… I thought it was in Ireland and well, in my limited Geography, Ire and UK kinda share the weather (well I think they do anyway… But do they :confused:)Aaah… If yr mis-adventures happened in Canada, then it's understandable… U're way upper north than Ireland. :p

  11. Yes, Ireland and England would have very similar weather, it's just Ireland gets it all first. Looking at the map where I grew up is actually a bit south of where I'm living now, but it was right in the middle of the country. So no mild ocean currents, just winds that would come all the way from the arctic.

  12. Ooooooh! Nice!AND weird… Do polar bears' shedded fur debris fly to yr area together with the strong artic wind and gets stuck to yr nose…? πŸ˜€

  13. :lol:When u said all u get is artic wind, I'm sure polar bears live in the artic and they shed their furs… so, does these furs come flying and breezing around when the artic wind carries them all the way to Canada?? :p

  14. You are cracked. :insane:There's huge forests between us and the artic, so I guess all the fur gets caught in the trees.

  15. :lol::(That's not very exciting…I thought u'd be a very interesting person to befriend with if only yr climate brings u polar bear furs from the north… :(Geeez… Can u tell me other interesting stories? I hate yr non-polar-bear weather broadcasts… :yuck::lol:

  16. [/IMG]This is the closest I've been to a polar bear. And what would you consider an interesting story? I might have something to your liking.

  17. Negative, Mickey… :mad:Maybe this…[/IMG]:DHave u seen my iHubby?? I lost him!! πŸ˜₯

  18. I'll make u a deal… Ten rounds of scotch on me! :eyes:Isn't that generous of me…? πŸ˜€

  19. A little too generous. I think I'd only manage three or four, then :yuck: :faint: :ko:

  20. I dunno… YOU tell me! :rolleyes:So, do u reeeeeeeeally drink that little…? I don't believe u… πŸ˜€

  21. Would I lie to you? :angel: Could I lie to you? :confused:Should I lie to you? :devil:

  22. Less actually. I'm usually the Designated Driver, so I just have the one, if that. I'm so out of practice I've no tolerance for alcohol. :drunk:

  23. :eek:I'm a better drinker than u…? This must not be!!! :eek:But then again, who says I am good…? Maybe I just get drunk all the time and never mentioned it… πŸ˜†

  24. Oh God, it may never stop raining. :cry:But I see some parts of Galway are off the boil water order. Did you get lucky?

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