Quick Note

Just a quick not to let you know that I'm still alive, but – yet again πŸ™„ – my internet connection is having a strop. I've been on to tech support, the problem is definitely on their end and they hope to have it fixed soon. In the meantime hang tight and…

I shall return!

General Douglas MacArthur


37 thoughts on “Quick Note

  1. Hey Mickey – we were beginning to wonder what had happend to all the irreverent comments on our posts!! :phope all is resolved soon!!

  2. Hi guys, thanks for the good wishes. Things are geting better, though it's still a bit flaky.Worked for a few hours on Friday, then went again until this morning. Fingers crossed that I won't be disconnected again.

  3. It's been working on and off all weekend. This is so frustrating since I can't count on it. :irked:

  4. Well your internet connection must be the most unstable in Ireland…Hope to have you back soon Mickey J…

  5. You've lost me completely sugar. :confused: :confused: :confused: What is OM when it's at home?

  6. Opera Mini = OMI thought u went mobile when u complained about how yr Net connection at home was screwed up… :p

  7. I can see how you would be confused. I have a little device that plugs into my computer. It works like a modem, but instead of a telephone line it uses the mobile phone network.

  8. Nearly, I can only get a GPRS signal out here in the sticks. 😦 But hey, compared to my landline it flies. :hat:

  9. GPRS is faster than yr landline connection???? :eyes::faint:Never heard of such thing till now… :faint:

  10. Yep. There's no way to get broadband out here, unless I went the satellite route which is ridiculously expensive. Even dial-up on our landline is a problem because the line is terrible quality. Sometimes you can barely hear the static is so bad. So my little gadget was the ideal solution.

  11. No too likely while I'm still living outside a large town. That's a long and complicated story sugar, but I'll try to sum up. Back in, say, the 1980s Ireland was going through a rough patch and there was not a lot of money spent on things like the telephone system. Then suddenly the economy took off and so did the internet. So while people had computers and basic dial-up internet, the phone company – there's really only one in Ireland – has been playing catch up trying to upgrade their equipment for broadband. Now while they can afford to do this in cities and big towns, some areas – like where I am – don't have enough people who would want broadband to make it worth while. It's a similar story with wireless broadband. And the phone lines here are in such a poor state that even if they were to put in the broadband equipment into the local exchange, they would probably have to replace all the cables to get it to us. :faint:Now, the mobile phone companies have been investing in upgrading their network and masts. Since mobile phones have really taken off in Ireland. I assume that they saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market with people like me that can't get any other type of broadband.

  12. :down:Last I checked, here in Malaysia, broadband coverage is everywhere… :up: That's cos Internet (for education) is far more important in the rural areas than it will be in the city!! :up:

  13. Well, the government did decide that schools needed broadband. So in some towns the school is the only place that has it. πŸ™„

  14. Yep. There was another government scheme to give local groups grants to bring broadband to rural communities. But that seems to have been pretty much a joke. There was a group in a nearby town that has been promised broadband for over two years.

  15. :eyes: Poor you!Wish I had moolah! Yes, with that money I would go to Ireland and start my own phone company! Bet I would make a mint!!!!

  16. Appreciate the thought, but I think you'd have to spend a ridiculous amount to set it up.

  17. Yes, I would start my phone company! Climb that pyramidal mountain.Ride an Irish horse. Get Irish pearls. Eat Irish cheese (I found some really good stuff here!) Drink Guiness, learn to do that Irish folkdancing where the top of your body doesn't move, see the Irish standing stones; all the while watching out for banshees!Now, to get some dough! :up:

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