The things you miss

…when you're away from the OC for a couple days.

No classes today because the college was holding graduation ceremonies. So I decided I see what My Opera was up to. Only to find that everything was off-line due to the upgrade.

Now that I'm back, haven't you all been a busy bunch. (My watch list is as long as my arm.)

The course is going well, I'm enjoying my classes and everyone I've met so far is friendly and interesting to get to know. On the downside, while we were only getting settled for the first couple weeks, the work load has started to ramp up so I'm going to have even less time for blogging. :no:

That's all for the moment. I'll be in touch again. :spock:


9 thoughts on “The things you miss

  1. You will do very well, MJ! Concentrating on school is the correct modus operandi for you now! Take Care and keep up the good work at school! Momable πŸ™‚ :up: :happy: πŸ™‚ :hat: :spock:Live long and prosper!

  2. Good to hear you are enjoying your studies:up:The watch lists seem to be getting more uncontrollable recently. in the past 6 months I have only managed to empty it once:eyes:

  3. you poor thing! πŸ˜† catching up on watch lists! πŸ˜€ great to study again! :up:

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