The words ‘Fecking’ and ‘Saga’ spring to mind

It would bloody frost you… …

A while back (I can't find the post now, but I'm sure I mentioned it) I told you about the problems I was having with my car.

It was in the shop a couple of times, and they thought they had it sorted, but about a month ago it started acting up again. I could still drive it, but I knew it was going to have to be looked at. The problem was, I had to have the car to get myself to college. So the plan was to get it in during the mid-term break this week while I didn't have classes.

Fate intervened and on Monday of last week the car broke down for good and I was stranded at college :irked: I managed to get myself and the car home, but I still missed two days due to lack of transport.

My car has been with the mechanic ever since waiting on a new alternator, which apparently has been very hard to source. The parts finally did come in this morning and I was all set to go and collect the car tomorrow.


I just got a call from the garage. They were sent the wrong parts. 😥

They will hopefully have the right ones in in the morning and will fit them as soon as they do. But if I'm still car-less on Monday I don't know what I'm going to do.

Wish me luck :spock:


8 thoughts on “The words ‘Fecking’ and ‘Saga’ spring to mind

  1. Maybe you can carpool? There isn't public transportation in your neck of Ireland? We don't have public transportation in my town, also. Could catch a taxi or reserve some transportation from the government township a month in advance, like, for going to a doctor. Can you ride a bike or get a motorbike?Does your college have transport? I noticed that the college near my house had a little bus there when my daughter went to school there this past summer. She didn't know much about it as I was her transport.Maybe a friend will let you bunk with them as your car gets fixed? My best wishes for your problem getting solved!!!

  2. OOOh no. …that's very frustrating! :(can you telecommute? Or maybe fly on LWU!!!:DGood luck with the car!

  3. Thanks for the support and suggestions everyone :up:I looked into buses, but there's nothing that would get me to the college in time :down: Some of the routes are just madness, it would take me hours.Taxis are also a problem, unless you know a driver they don't like to come out to the middle of nowhere. And since I've always had a car, I don't really know a taximan. Plus I dread to think of the cost, it's about a 20 mile trip.Walking forty miles five days a week would require divine intercession San. But all is not lost :hat: seems Mam knows of someone who goes to another school in the same town. If the car is not ready I might be able to get a lift with them.

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