Overheard down the Local Part 4

A big thank you to Sprogger
⭐ who kindly allows me to use his work under a Creative Commons License. ⭐


7 thoughts on “Overheard down the Local Part 4

  1. Awwwwww she's there! She looks healthy and happy to have found a new friend! :happy:Be sure to take her around Kilkenny, she loves to do some sightseeing. 😀

  2. LWU – you show up again – praise be!I feel much safer now that LWU is back…what advice will she give Lola? What will happen next to that cad, Barney…

  3. Oh, such a nice surprise. :eyes: The little LWU found a new place and new friends. Nice to see, she is in a good society. :up: 🙂

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