Overheard down the Local – Christmas Special

A big thank you to Sprogger who kindly allowed me to use his work under a Creative Commons License.


16 thoughts on “Overheard down the Local – Christmas Special

  1. howdy coz!! hey, is that a stuffed replica of the donkey your Mom is getting? I forgot to ask you about it when I was in Ireland.I'll just have to come over again and ask in person.and yes, i finally got on this operathing.i can't find my other blog so I thought i'd blog here.

  2. Well missus, what's the craic? And welcome to My Opera :DIt's more of a replacement, plans have fallen through for the real thing. Looking forward to your posts :up:

  3. I hope I can keep this up. I will learn about the editing part.I've asked my Sis-Ta to consider making a blog before she leaves on her trip.Now go have a wobbly-pop with your bro and Lesia.

  4. Let me know if you have any questions.I hope she will, they're a great way to keep folks updated.Been there, done that. Doin' it again today.

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