Not how I intended to get plastered for the holidays

My hand is broken and in a cast. Using computer is very tricky, typng almost impossible.

But please don't worry, I'm basically ok.

Full story when I can manage. Signing off for now.

Have a Happy New Year. :spock:


33 thoughts on “Not how I intended to get plastered for the holidays

  1. OH dear. Take care there Irreverend. :heart: I think we need to start a new club in the COTWG…something to do with injuries, broken bones, pains…Louis, what would be a good name for it?

  2. Thanks for the good wishes everyone.Feeling better, but that could be the pain killers talking.The big problem is trying to do anything and everything with only the wrong hand. How about "The Walking Wounded" Sandy?

  3. I suppose, in a way, it was worth it. I'll tell you how it happened.I was at the top of a flight of stairs, about to start down, but trying to send a text message at the same time. So I wasn't concentrating. I slipped / tripped and made a wild grab for the hand rail to catch myself. That saved me from falling, but I heard something go "crack" :yikes: in my hand.

  4. Oh, poor Mickeyjoe… :cry:such a damn accident, that is too bad. :cry:I hope you feel better very soon.Nevertheless: A Happy New Year to you. :heart:… and a fast recovery.

  5. Cousin Mickeyjoe!!! So sorry to hear about the injury. It seems the gods and buddahs are forcing you to lay low on this thing for a while and heal that hand. Using your left hand to lift up the wobbly-pops will be difficult at first but I am sure you will manage fine.Stay well and no doing hand stands for a while, eh Mike?! Cousin orders.xox,e

  6. Hope you were still able to lift a glass of the black stuff to welcome in the new year

  7. My pain killers and alcohol don't mix so I'm afraid "wobbly pops" are off. :cry:Still, New Years Eve with family was good. :hat: :up:Hope all of you ennjoyed your celebrations.

  8. Oh no! Not a good way to start the New Year :rolleyes:On the other hand, maybe it's better to get rid of the bad lucks at the beginning of the year! :pThe WW! A new club! Can I join, Can I join, please, please!! :wait: :doh:

  9. Well, I guess you can go with the old, two-finger method of typing. Wow, stairs do cause a lot of accidents. Maybe we should all convert to ramps. 😆

  10. You're right about that! I nearly fell down the stairs after a cat ran in front of me. I stepped back so as not to fall down the stairs, but he ran behind me. I started to step on him and heard a growl, lost my balance and fell on my backside. I was pretty sore for a long time. But, I guess it could have been worse!

  11. Cats are lovely. Some of them don 't realize that they can so easily knock us down. I miss my cats.

  12. How long before you're back to normal?:left: Relatively speaking, of course.. Perhaps the FSM will come by and heal you with his noodly appendage! 😆

  13. New / "permanent" cast put on Friday. Arm is sore and not sleeping well. So tired and typing is still tricky.But…"Difficulties ARE temporary Please stand by."

  14. hungry – :up::star: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ :star:I have to go back in two weeks for the doctor to have another look. So at least that long.FSM? Well, I'd prefer if Walky would intervene but that would probably be more helpful if I'd broken my foot. So I'll take whatever I can get. 😉

  15. Ouchy!!Best of luck in the healing process, Ill be keeping my fingers crossed for you.Well walky hasn't fixed me leg so I wouldn't hold out too much hope for an arm related miracle:wink:

  16. Thanks sprogger, I'll have to let folks know how I get on at the clinic tomorrow.Sorry to hear that you leg is still giving you trouble. 😦

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