I got Nothin’

but a dose of gastro-enteritis :yuck:

What next? πŸ™„ (Your opinions matter, please vote in the new poll. >>> πŸ˜€ )

The hand is improving though, small mercies.

So when I say I got nothin' what I'm really saying is don't feel offended if I haven't commented on your blog for a while, I'm still reading.

Just with everything that's been happening lately I'm not much in the humor. But I'm getting there slowly.

In the meantime, patience is a virtue :angel:

Mind yourselves :spock:


11 thoughts on “I got Nothin’

  1. Don't think about "what's next", because you never know…You just become depressed with such thoughts.You rather should wish you something good :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:Get well very soon. πŸ™‚

  2. Gastro? That's no good :(Hope you get better.My uncle once had gastro…this story will (well might) show you that your case could be much much worse, and to be happy that it isn't like this one..My uncle was 12 and had gastro and went to the fair. He lost his parents…and was wandering around lost for a couple of hours…with dirty pants…He went to a food stall to try to find where he was..but then he had to be sick…there was a bin near the stall so he used that. But…the stall owner got angry because he was driving customers away and shooed (is that a word?) him away. Not good. (it sounded funny when my uncle told it though)

  3. Now talk about a sad poll, where is the getting better option:)I hope you wull get well soon MickeyJ

  4. There's nothing 'fun' about a run of poor health but could being 'tagged' be fun?You've been tagged.

  5. Reading your blog at the moment Mickey is like reading the Book Of Job with all its trials and tribulations.Lets hope you get well soon and are fit and ready for getting out and about when Spring arrives.

  6. Thanks for all those kind wishes. Must have worked too, because I'm feeling much better. :yes:

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