My College in the news

Tipperary Institute were hosting Games Fleadh 2008 on Thursday. It a series of computer game programming competitions designed to get students interested in software development, programming, and computer game design.

I wasn't competing, my hand put me out of action at just the wrong time. But I was there helping out on the day. If you watch closely, you might just spot a familiar back.

Events like this are important because fewer Irish students are choosing ICT as a career. If the computer companies lose their workforce, they're going to start pulling out of the country.


15 thoughts on “My College in the news

  1. Now I'm just gonna have to imagine that familiar back … for some reason the vid is only showing a gray screen :(4000 to 1800! What, I wonder, is the reason?

  2. It is a long road to Tipperary, it is a long road to home :sing:How cool watching the Irish news. I didn't see your back, sorry.Hey, looks like your way in for a job when you graduate, MJ! Good for you!

  3. I didn't know off the top of my head, but I did a little digging and found this.Seems the big three are business and law, construction, and enginerring. Computing comes about 6th.

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