Mail call

Some of you already know Pfelelep a very talented, and funny, artist here on My Opera who draws amazing cartoons.

A while back he held a contest on his blog. 😎

I sent him a submission. And I was lucky enough to be one of the winners :hat:

This meant I won a sketch by Pfelelep. :eyes: He sent me a link so that I could download it…

But I'd like to send you the ORIGINAL sketch by postal services.

Which was more than generous of him. :faint:

It took a little longer than it should have…

the sketch I sent you just went back to me: it seems that I misspelled the address (or I'm sketching better than I'm writing).

(I'm sure it was the mail and not his fault)

But it finally arrived in the post today :yes:

What can I say? πŸ’‘ How about I'm thrilled to bits. Thanks Pfelelep :up:


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